Monday, August 30, 2010

Jen's website

I have a New website

Brian  will soon too, he needs help with a name.

funnily enough  jenny smith . com and brian smith .com are quite common names and not available.

What would you call your website if you where Brian?



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

back at work

Brian is back at work. As many of you know he ruptured his pec major tendon and had surgery on it 2 weeks ago.
It was bizarre, the tendon was significantly degenerated and unhealthy? a puzzle.
The surgeon said you usually only see this kind of 'crappy' tendon in body building strength focused ( steroid using) athletes, not endurance ones.

Brian's vices extend to dark dark beers and such but not steroids so its a bit of a mystery.

He was lucky and Gloria Beim did a fantastic surgery. She's stressed his one chance to recover so

He is on the 12 month recovery program and in a immobilising brace for 6 weeks. He's been such a good sport because I know it hasn't been an easy change -to basically complete rest.

Me? I'm great. I am back running again and feeling very grateful albiet ( tired legs.. I had that glory 10 days where I was like yeah, my running is good, and now I have that wow why are my legs feeling like lead - accumulating workload feeling)

I had a fantastic trip to California to coach with the Trek dirt series ladies, Learned so much!

Thanks Brandyn for coming and making it a partner in crime trip.
I've thrown in a couple of MTB races and have the GROWLER coming up this weekend in Gunnison. I'm doing the 32 fluid oz of riding event, and then hopping on alot of planes , Colorado springs + Dallas + Miami + Sao Paulo + Rio de genero + Manaus. To Brazil for XTERRA Amazon. It'll be an adventure. I'm kinda nervous to tell the truth, my first xterra of the year!

I've really appreciated the later start to my season. I think it fits with where we live in Gunnison. Its felt like an appropriate seasonal time to get going, I feel much more grounded and have enjoyed training more so I have a really good feeling about moving forward into my 2010 race season.
I miss my training partner though, ALOT! It makes me appreciate it too, can't really complain when the fittest fastest member in our house is on the couch!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

The bikes-2010 Smith Machines

I may not be able to ride but I can still drool and take pictures of my new bike. The Anthem is one of the stiffest and smoothest rides I've ridden. Can't wait till rehab is over and I can saddle up.

Got Jenny's new Trek hardtail out of the box. Should be a rocketship for her.

Happy Trails

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Racing with fighters and freak boobs

So, Vegas was awesome. Had a great race from start to finish. Couldn't make much time on Josiah and Conrad but happy with my form at this point. Even made enough prize money to pocket a few bills.

Met Nick Diaz, good friend of Damian Gonzales and world class MMA fighter. Beat him on the course but hope to never match up with him in the cage, I would be slaughtered for sure. His fist is as big as my head!

Back at the ranch in Gunny, trying to get the training up and going again and lost a battle with the bench press bar. I was on my last set of 10 with 155, even had a spotter. On the 8th rep coming to my chest there was a snap and my shoulder went backwards. 24 hours later after X-rays, MRI and 2 ortho-surgeon evaluations, I am left with a partially torn pectoralis. I need surgery to anchor the attachment and get myself 100% for training again. Most likely 6-8 weeks before swimming properly again. Oh well, I guess I do have an off-season now. Not so bummed about 32 degrees and blowing snow outside.

Hope the next blog is a bit more positive.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brian's Spring fever

Purple mountain, CB

O be joyful saddle


Brian has been having a blast skiing wwith Wick, Billy, Josh and Jay lately.

Spring beaver pond crossing.

Spring 2010

I finished up at the airport for the winter April 5th. It was a great job for me ( as Fred our station manager said, when we where talking about next season.. You like the discounted flight coupons.. Yep, I do like the flight coupons.. but I also really enjoyed the job) Great people on our staff, a change of scene for me and I found it really interesting and enjoyable. I'll probably do it next year.
I kicked my Spring off with a trip to Fruita and Moab. I love riding my bike and yesterday I realised I've mountain biked 9 days in a row. There are a few reasons for this. ( running and my body are having a wee issue) The cycling has been awesome and makes me so happy.
Moab - Girls weekend was super fun. Great friends Great riding.
A highlight for me was riding Lyn D'mato Franklin's 6 inch Maverick Bike down Top of the world trail dropping 3000 ft of elevation. I love my Trek sponsorship and bikes, however after a weekend in Moab on my carbon hardtail, the experience of 6+ inches of suspension was very GRIN worthy!
Am already scheming about a bigger Trek bike! ( My opportunity may come sooner rather than later)
  • April 25th kicks off a 3 week training, racing and coaching trip for SNRGY multisport coaching, Brandyn and I.
We are meeting up in Fruita, Colorado to race the opening Mountain states cup event of the year.
From there we are driving out to California San Jose and SanRafael. I am joining in as a guest coach with Trek bikes sponsored Women's coaching clinics
I am really excited. These women have their series dialed and it is both a super cool talented staff of coaches and a neat weekend of clinics and activities.
Trek women's demo crew are joining the clinic in San Jose with a full fleet of demo bikes. How fun: I can see a big bike demo happening for me over the weekend!
Am also excited for the time to train in Northen California and work with Brandyn on Snrgy multisport coaching and racing. Theres nothing quite like a partner in crime! To keep things really fun.
I am following up my trip with a US national or Triple crown( I can't keep up with the names) MTB race in Nathrop May 16th.

May the 29th is Growler 64 fluid miles of riding at Hartmans Rocks. ( I love this description: I know Hartmans and theres not too much fluid about it, it'll be sixty four miles of sand, technical,sweat and sweet single track.. tougher inducing!)

MY first XTERRA of the year is going to be Xterra Amazon. Very excited about this adventure.. !
Brian has been getting scary fit skiinng and skiing and skiinng. Each early 5am ski he says this is my last one, until Wick or Billy call again about tomorrow. He's looking lean and fit though so its only doing him good.

He is racing in Las Vegas this coming weekend ( flying solo now that I'm not doing it). I think its going to be a good one for him.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grand Traverse Win

Brian and Wick ( Bryan Wickenhauser) won the Grand Traverse yesterday.

They where on fire. It was Inspiring.
The event is such a neat experience (for me to spectate). People sign up early, train their asses off all winter to brutalise themselves in the tour and LOVE it. Its a special event. It has passion and soul.