Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy

The Wildflowers are something else in CB right now. Its beautiful. I'm having a very lazy hazy weekend of mid season break.
Lazy as I exersize lightly, Fun too. I joined Dan/Cathy/Wickenhausers for a Friday evening dinner and ride and yesterday joined Jen and her athletes for a Crested Butte run and swim in Long Lake.
Dinner was great. We tried D'Jangos a new Tapas style place on CB mountain. The atmosphere was neat, thin shimmery curtains, modern and a metropolitan feel. Was nice to ride, change in the car and then feel inside the restaurant transported. Their wine was served in 250ml beakers, novel, and their food was exceptional, Date with a pig ( my favorite -a Lemon soaked Medjool date wrapped in bacon)
Hazy.... cause of the skies, Filled with Smoke from the Big Sur and Northern Cali fires, several thousand miles to the West.

The light activity is driving me a bit crazy.......but I'm trying to resist. Tomorrow won't be a break any longer.

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