Friday, August 21, 2009

I know I know

So after a few jabs in the ribs about my lack of updates, I thought I should put a little wee one in!
Where are we?
WELL, Brandyn and I are eating I mean racing our way through Germany and Austria. We started in Denver airport with a canceled flight and were ugraded to Business class for the trans atlantic flight. Um.. the way to travel! So enjoyed it, was even a bit reluctant to sleep.

Munich, Dresden then Zittau, saw us in the far east corner of Germany right along side Poland and Czech. Sans our bikes, but no worries, Ina, Benno and the crew at Xterra Germany looked after us, and we where treated to an amazing, event, organised and professional , with a grassroots freindly atmosphere.
Our bikes came and so did Saturday with XTERRA Germany. A great race, I was 6th, Bran 11th. Pretty good for travel and not seeing the bike course. Then the party. Fun.

Sunday we caught the train to Dresden, as it turned out for brunch and some sightseeing.
This week has been quite a bit of travel. Its funny, in some ways I am experienced w/ travel, but I'm realising that its always so much easier when you've done something once before. Hence the relaxed attitude with this trip. My goal is to enjoy it and should I be lucky enough to do it again next year, then it will be so much easier and more focused on the races. For now, I'm like, relax, go with the flow and have fun.

We visited with Ken, Sandi and Colin in their new home Hopfen am see. Stunning, and great to see them and to ride.

8 1/2 hour train ride through the alps to Klagenfurt Austria, sees us in Klopernisee, with the 'Brits' Jim, Sam Garder, Paul Davies, Renata Bucher - well she's swiss- at Pension Agnes. Looking forward to an amazing race at teh European Championships. The swim at sunset the other night was one of the events of my life.
Who would have thought I'd ever be swimming in Austria??? as a professional um.. swimmer.. well triathlete.

Brian. He is going to Brazil for XTERRA Brazil.on Tuesday. Hopefully I still have husband when I get home. Last night I dreamed he wanted to retire so we could have a garden. Weird. Gunnison has a 90 day growing period.