Sunday, December 31, 2006

Here's to our Health!

Can we appreciate our health enough? When we have it we don't think about it. ...

I caught a cold 2 weeks ago that has laughed at my zinc sucking, emergenC, herbal tea drinking, netti pot using, head stand doing self and knocked me flat while it's run its full blown 14 day course ... probably should have gone to the doctor... Hindsight eh... I can't wait to be fully healthy.

Right before Xmas a friend was in a car accident. She was going home when in snowy conditions her car rear ended a tractor trailer. She's currently in Denver hospital in a stable yet critical condition of semi conciousness, and one side of her body is yet to regain movement. She is a great girl and our thoughts are with her throughout her recovery.

Another good friend has lupus and she has had a flare up... she's really not well and having to take drug infusions at the hospital. She is a hard core chick, skilled and fantastic. She LOVES to be athletic and lives for her activities.

Kinda puts my cold into perspective.

Heres to a 2007 of Celebrating and Promoting our health every way we can!

Brian getting back from a 2 hour run Xmas morning... His longest run to for the Buller 1/2 marathon. (like the ear muffs... he bought me for xmas... hmmm... for who? they are called 180s and are our favorite piece of equipment right now. Stylish...questionabale maybe in a 'weinsy' triple booties way. Warm and Funtional.. definately. We love them!)
Happy New year.

Jenny and Brian.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


With Max's shoulder still being sore he has been bound to the house. it hasn't been working out so well! Following Sunday's p'bar binge... was a repeat performance yesterday. We are pretty certain that we closed the bike room door before leaving, yet came home to find the D. O double G had gotton in there and pulled out half a box of protein bars and 4 or 5 peanut chocolate Pria bars. AWFUL...320 calorie protein bars can't be good. He has been smelling terrible and pooping wrappers all day.

Well I didn't feed him today and we took him on several walks around the block. But when we put on our running things and left in the car I guess it was too much....

The dog went on the rampage. Unbelievable... a STURDY SOLID CARDBOARD christmas box received yesterday..... shredded.... and the cookies, chocolates, chocolate xmas tree and dog treats... garbaged . Ironically Brians mum had labeled the dog treats.... To Maxwell. The good boy!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not sweating the small stuff

We woke up to 33 degrees this morning. A basically unheard of temp at 8am in Gunnison in Dec... so with a pending xmas party at 11, we high tailed it out the door for a quick ride. Half way up the front side of hartmans rocks we where run into by Dave Weins also getting out... He had a curcuit he'd been riding which was half jeep road half snow pack single track... super fun and super sketch. Busting home from our ride at 10.50 we where getting bikes in the door as Max our dog busted out. Lo and behold in the middle of the floor was a box of toffee chocolate Harvest bars, and a bunch of shredded wrappers.... A power bar fueled Max was definately not coming back in a hurry! We jump in the car and take off on a neighbourhood Max search. To add to the situation. Max has a sore shoulder so there we are driving following our limping naughty dog around the alley ways!
All was forgotten when we made the event of the year.( if not exactly on time) The Colorado fitness dodgeball party, lunch and steal or win gift exchange. Brian is the now proud owner of a STYLISH Gold Gym black plastic sweat suit. (Any offers it could be for $ sale)

Friday, December 15, 2006

looking back looking forward

Looking back: In August this year, I visited home - which was great as it had been 3 1/2 years... so good I got all teary at a tshirt in the international departure stores. Kiwi girl: knows where she's from, where she's been, where she's going. I would have bought it if it wasn't extremely overpriced at $60. Plus in all truth I'm not so much a girl anymore. Oh well...

Then my dad came out to visit with us for 5 weeks... and Brians parents joined for a few weeks of that time. Dad was all over the pictures... here's a few of my fav's.

My best friend Tania and her son Louie.

My sis Rachael, Nana and I in Greymouth.

Rachael's side of her garage.

Tony's side!:

My Mum and her husband Bob. Tauranga bay, NZ. We'd just been to the best cafe. The bayhouse.

Dad's debut snowshoe in Splains Gulch, CB.

Looking forward. Bri and I are going out to NZ this Janurary. So in preperation for some racing I completed a strength endurance set of big ring climbs... Ugh...... right up there with short track. Why is it we hate the things we need the most? (as long as you do it right?!)

Brian is going to race the Buller half marathon there... so he ran today and was as usual super jonsed and excited about it... (we're much like Rachael and Tony's Garage).


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brian and Jenny connecting

In the time that it has taken me to post an update I have forgotten the name, access and password to our old Blog. After seeking to retrieve all that information and transfer it to Beta Blogger I succeeded in losing it completely. So without an account to manage I created a new one.

It is our intention to keep you updated on our adventures in life and to share some of our favorite things, people, places, experiences.

We have been really enjoying some time at home in and around Gunnison. We've been, working, playing and fufilling our endurance sides with some epic adventures.

During November we rode the White rim in Moab for B'mans birthday and then went back with some friends the following weekend to ride it in the opposite direction. I loved mostly every minute of it except for the climb back from the top of Mineral bottom to the road... 10 miles of pure suffering....

Lately our weekend adventures have taken a Nordic twist.... We have been Nordic racing on Saturday's and Classic touring on Sunday's. (On Mondays I am lucky to be able to lift my legs... so sore.... and on Tuesdays I've been going to Yoga to undo some of the damage)

Last Sunday we skied along with Ken and Sandi Bloomer up to the friends hut above Crested Butte. It was a 6 i/2 hour ski and a real highlight for me as I have wanted to do this ski for years. The hut was open and we lucked out by getting to go inside and have lunch.