Friday, August 29, 2008


An unexpected side bar to a travelling lifestyle is the opportunity to sample the wide variety of accommodation options. (airline travel 'options' could be a whole nother book... best left unwritten!)

This current condo in Brian head Utah is definitely up there. Where did this stuff come from?

Enough making fun. We have it very 'good'!
Our $12 condo for the previous 3 days! Red Canyon Campground, drinking water, coin showers, hiking trails out the back door. Should you be out this way make a point of riding Thunder mountain trail.

Monday, August 25, 2008


This report is really just the tip of the iceburg.
We have been out in Utah for 10 days or so now and in that time raced 5 times. The Mountain championship Xterra in Ogden and then 5 days later the American mountain classic stage race in Brianhead, Utah. Its been pretty sweet I'd say and action packed to state the obvious.
In the Xterra (which seems long ago now!) Both Brian and I pulled off a pair of third places. Solid for me and has me sitting in third for the overall series as well. Brian's race was exceptional as all four top men where within a minute of each other at the end. talk about exciting racing. Brian was 33 seconds behind World Champion Conrad Stoltz and 1st American male.
On to the American Mountain classic. Its been a blast staying with a relaxed crew of Trek Vw teammate's, specialised racers Rebecca Rusch/Conrad Stoltz/ Amber and friends from Gunnison/Crested Butte. Really good legs and 4 hours something on the first day of predominately ( awesome but rough) single track saw me in 2nd and had me realising it had been a while actually since I'd ridden more than 3 hours or raced over 1 hour 1/2 on a bike.
Day two was super cool as I rode with Lea for most of the day... company in long races is good. I think its key that most stage races use a team formula. I pulled in 3rd for the day and stayed 2nd in the GC. Lea flatted at the end which was a total bummer and had her 4th in the GC.
Day 3 was a double cross country loop and I rode solid to again secure 2nd in the Overall. Lea rode with for a lap and then we caught Sue Butler who Lea needed 4 minutes on to move in 3rd and the prize money. A timely attack on Lea's part took care of Sue jumping on the Trek/VW train and in fact took care of the train altogether as I was shelled also.
Brian meanwhile rode a smart 4 days of attrition to move into 5th and the final podium spot on the last day. Hard charging according to the organiser.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Compete Clean

This is Awesome! Go Jeremiah.
Jeremiah Bishop is a part of w/ the USADA pilot program to comete clean! Here are some media examples of the USADA campaign.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Xterra Beaver Creek, Olli impics and the rest of August.

I'm using the Silver Box on my lap in front of the TV and its Sunday afternoon (quality recovery!!)
Very excited to have good viewing over the next couple of weeks... even though it will undoubtedly eat into more productive activities... but does fill a niche left wide open after the conclusion of the Tour day France.
I mean seriously what is better than watching sport you like w/ coffee in the morning.

Yesterday we competed in the Beaver Creek XTERRA. In its first year the event basically burst onto the scene offering an exceptional championship worthy race. It's organised by Mike Closure and crew, has the backing of the Vail/Beaver creek resort and was supported by Team Unlimited. Exceptional. The race was potentially exceptional too when you like 4500 feet of climbing at 9000ft.
Brian and I got there on Friday afternoon too late for previewing the course but we did ride 30 minutes up the initial climb. It was refreshing to be racing a mountain setting we love and Crave. So we were excited. Not so exceptional we found out was our form on the day which was a bit of a bummer as we both just struggled with the early steep climbing and intensity. So we ended up calling it very good solid training against great competition in a fantastic setting.
Shonny V took the women's race with her climbing ability and an excellent run too. Mel M was 2nd and I was third. Mike Vine took the men's race, Brian was 5th.
Racing an Xterra used to be a huge deal for me and would knock me ...sore for the week following.. its progress now that I can use them as training.

On Tuesday we are driving out to Utah... Road trip... for some racing.
This coming weekend we have the US championship series Mountain Xterra championships. The following week we are racing the American Mountain Classic Stage race.. Thurs-Sunday. Then the weekend after is the NMBS finals at Brianhead Utah, STXC and XC.

I'm excited and ready. Brian is so psyched to be taking a break from work and training to race. It has been a long time that we have both taken a 3 week travel/race block together... hopefully it goes well. Its going to be really fun.

The stuff of legends

Go Dave: As he wins the Leadville 100mile bike race for his 6th Consecutive year. Beating Lance Armstrong in the process and setting a new record of 6 hours 45 minutes. 100miles at 10,oooft, with 14 000 ft of climbing... 6 hours 45!!! (13minutes faster than his previous record set last year... when he raced Floyd Landis)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

American Mountain Classic

In a couple of weeks we are going to join in w/ the American Mountain classic stage race in Brianhead, Utah. Its promising to be an awesome event and some great and hard competition and racing. A prologue followed by 3 stages of 55 miles each!
Just the bike fitness boost we need to up our form and carry us through to Xterra Nationals and Worlds in October.
The organisers have stepped up and offered equal prize money to the top 3 men and women. Which is a great response to racer feedback.
check it out and come race too...

Monday, August 4, 2008


Its Rachael (my sister) BIRTHDAY today.

Side swiped

Last Wednesday I was fully knocked with some kind of bug that had me grovelling around the house and in front of the toilet all day long. Awful.... equally awful was the fact that it didn't go away as quickly as I'd hoped (isn't that the truth for most things.. take what you expect and double it....) so I spent the past 5 1/2 days feeling greenly nauseous the majority of the time. I did learn a thing or two though... Salmon and Kale... not good to get ill on.... running w/ a sore stomach Bad... Coconut,ginger and lemon soup Good...A beer after a ride at MT CB, w/out enough food... fairly bad.....Homemade hummus w/ 8 cloves of Garlic... Horrible ( why did I think 8 cloves of garlic would be the winning formula anyway)...
Anyway... midday today... it went away... and I felt much better...went for a spin... felt peppy even...SO Happy.

On account of completely missing my hard week of training. I decided to sign up for the Beaver creek Xterra this weekend too, and plan on joining Brian there...


Sunday, August 3, 2008

403 with MT and Bob

It doesn't get any better than this!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Worth Sharing..

I rode at Hartmans today, I can't describe how great it was. For 2 hours I saw no one - not a single soul or sign, it kinda freaked me out a bit it was so quiet. Riding through enchanted forest, the breeze was blowing gently rustling the Aspens, I think to myself.. good place for a mountain lion??!... we really have it great here... don't tell too many people!

Then on the way into town Brian calls ( Cathie P will so appreciate this). "I have a job for you" ME '"uh huh?" thinking.. oh oh! Brian 'its modelling wedding gowns' 'she wants blond and brunettes size 6-8 thats you right' ME Ohh...(floored) 'sort of, I'm out riding, Thinking yeah right how to get out of this one... 'Its prob not going to work I'm away the next few weekends and I bet thats what its for'....Brian I'll text you her number... Me ok?.. remember how YOU have bigger (M)'oob's than I... At least it wasn't a Construction Job Offer!!