Monday, August 25, 2008


This report is really just the tip of the iceburg.
We have been out in Utah for 10 days or so now and in that time raced 5 times. The Mountain championship Xterra in Ogden and then 5 days later the American mountain classic stage race in Brianhead, Utah. Its been pretty sweet I'd say and action packed to state the obvious.
In the Xterra (which seems long ago now!) Both Brian and I pulled off a pair of third places. Solid for me and has me sitting in third for the overall series as well. Brian's race was exceptional as all four top men where within a minute of each other at the end. talk about exciting racing. Brian was 33 seconds behind World Champion Conrad Stoltz and 1st American male.
On to the American Mountain classic. Its been a blast staying with a relaxed crew of Trek Vw teammate's, specialised racers Rebecca Rusch/Conrad Stoltz/ Amber and friends from Gunnison/Crested Butte. Really good legs and 4 hours something on the first day of predominately ( awesome but rough) single track saw me in 2nd and had me realising it had been a while actually since I'd ridden more than 3 hours or raced over 1 hour 1/2 on a bike.
Day two was super cool as I rode with Lea for most of the day... company in long races is good. I think its key that most stage races use a team formula. I pulled in 3rd for the day and stayed 2nd in the GC. Lea flatted at the end which was a total bummer and had her 4th in the GC.
Day 3 was a double cross country loop and I rode solid to again secure 2nd in the Overall. Lea rode with for a lap and then we caught Sue Butler who Lea needed 4 minutes on to move in 3rd and the prize money. A timely attack on Lea's part took care of Sue jumping on the Trek/VW train and in fact took care of the train altogether as I was shelled also.
Brian meanwhile rode a smart 4 days of attrition to move into 5th and the final podium spot on the last day. Hard charging according to the organiser.

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