Sunday, July 26, 2009


I love July. I think its a huge reason to live in G.U.N.N.I.S.O.N.
July is a little like xmas and birthdays rolled together and better:

1. Its not butt ass cold ( I know bad language on my blog!)

2. Has 4th of July weekend which as we live in the best place on earth in July means we have fun friends to visit and play.
3. Has our wedding anniversary.
4. This year marked a decade in the States for me.
5. The days are warm and long and the nights are comfortable ( I seem to value this)
6. The lake is warm and I love swimming there.

7. The wildfowers in Crested Butte are amazing as is the high country riding.

8. I start to feel fit in July.
#8 has been a bit slower, coming back to Altitude from 6 weeks at sea level bought with it my eustation tube ear problem. So I've been battling a bit w/ fluid in my ear. After 2 weeks of denial and 2 weeks of Sudofed ( that would work when I took it and not after it wore off)I was waking up in the night and nearly at my wits end, but finally this past week I started on Fluonase.. and its making a huge difference, Thanks goodness and I'm loving feeling better.
I don't like all these medications so if anyone has some good natural effective ideas please let me know. I'm up for anything effective.

July has the Tour de France too, so much quality TV. Sad and glad that it finished today. Less TV.. is a good thing. My plan to stretch and strength while the tour was on wasn't always carried out. More like coffee in the morning and falling asleep on the couch at night.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SNRGY Multisport Xterra Camp

We have four spaces left for this camp. We would love to have you join us. Contact us for more information. Just click on the title and it will take you to SNRGY multisport blog.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Some pics from the last 2 weeks. July 4: Nico named crazy house: lots of riders, snakes, the dog.. fun though!
Hartmans rocks.

Reno flag bear deadmans-The girls: Bran, Erin, Jenny, Alex. Alan (taking the picture.. lead out boy for motor bikes coming the other way).

Alex climbs

CB classic pics from the weekend beofre. Xavier Fane.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Slightly sore upper back/neck. Brian has a slightly sore neck. Max seems aok.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mountain Motel

My updates have been terribly non exisistent.
But I thought tonight deserves a mention. On the way home from pre-riding the Beaver creek XTERRA course in Vail, and hot on the heels of an amazing few weeks with alot of amazing friends, Brian killed his first ever ELK.
It wasn't his fault - it lept from the side hill as we where driving up Monarch mountain pass and onto our bonnet and windsheild. All I remember is thinking Elk.. as bang.. the car fills w/ smoke, and airbags deployed. Are you ok.. yep, me? yep, ... Max? lets turn the car off.
As you can imagine .. chaos ensued but everything worked out and we are in Mountain motel in Salida waiting to be towed to Gunnison tomorrow.
On the eve of our 9th year wedding anniversery.. perspective..people you care about all really all that matter!