Monday, July 6, 2009

Mountain Motel

My updates have been terribly non exisistent.
But I thought tonight deserves a mention. On the way home from pre-riding the Beaver creek XTERRA course in Vail, and hot on the heels of an amazing few weeks with alot of amazing friends, Brian killed his first ever ELK.
It wasn't his fault - it lept from the side hill as we where driving up Monarch mountain pass and onto our bonnet and windsheild. All I remember is thinking Elk.. as bang.. the car fills w/ smoke, and airbags deployed. Are you ok.. yep, me? yep, ... Max? lets turn the car off.
As you can imagine .. chaos ensued but everything worked out and we are in Mountain motel in Salida waiting to be towed to Gunnison tomorrow.
On the eve of our 9th year wedding anniversery.. perspective..people you care about all really all that matter!

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