Saturday, September 5, 2009


Brian came home from Brazil, vibrating. Its so great to see him happy and high on life. I guess he had a fantastic time there, thoroughly enjoyed Mike and Ann's company and somewhat of some vacation time, along with XTERRA Brazil. The race itself had huge potential, but his stomach became really ill after the swim. And he slogged in to the finish.
I've been getting into the groove of home and training post our Europe trip. Its taken a few days to adjust and finally I learned to let it go and chill. I've always had a hard time coming home from a big trip with the adjustment and the feeling crappy that comes with travelling. This past weekend, I basically took all expectations off, created a mess, tidied the mess up, walked the dog, sure enough Monday came after a good nights sleep and great, feel normal. On with life.
Its going to be nice to be based somewhat from home leading to Xterra nationals and Worlds.

Next weekend Brian and I are having a rare weekend together mountain bike racing at the fall classic, in Breckenridge. Hopefully it has a fantastic turn out, I've missed the MTB circuit this year and along with a butt kicking fitness boost, it'll be super fun to socialise.
Leading into Ogden, Brandyn and I are going early and taking a diversion to inter bike for a day. I've never been before and avoided it for the past few years as it always falls the week of Xterra nationals, but this year I want to visit for a day.

Brian is here there and everywhere, an adventure race in China, Xterra Nationals and a duathlon in Brazil. Some exciting and different stuff for him.
Heres some random pics from Europe, some of them are courtesy fo Brandyn Roark Gray ( because she takes better pictures than me!).
Worthersee, Austria.Klagenfurt, Cafe. Austria.
So over the heavy baggage. Bad Gastein Austria.. 4 hours into our ride. Look a cafe.

Lunch Spot.
Bad Gastein Falls, super neat.