Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Camp vs Cabin

Brian has this Camp suit for randonee racing. It is French made, super techincal, heaps of features and style? A cross between a smurf and an old french cyclist guy. think baggy lycra. Questionable. I'll find a pic and post it.

Meanwhile. Heres a picture of Mark Leishman http://www.cabinracingblog.com/ at last weekends NZ single speed champs. Style: Questionable? Custom! You always get brownie points for Custom.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Metaphor's for life

Brian raced the final http://www.cosmicski.com/ Randonee ski racing event on Saturday. In A Basin, Summit County, CO. He say's he finally feels that his lightweight AT Ski equipment has paid for itself. He was a very close second to Brian Wickenhauser. 8 Seconds at the line! Wick Gunnison local and captain of the Team Salomon Crested Butte adventure racing team, 'regularly schools' Brian all the time in training. If you are going to lose by 8 secs.... its good that its to Wick.

I on the other hand basically wasted Saturday away, until I finally dragged myself out on my Singlespeed at 4pm to get my training in. I chose the Single as it would force my strength endurance intervals on my unmotivated body. And it did.

Yesterday we decided to go to Grand Junction, ride the trails in Loma and spend the night at Ross's.

It was awesome. The trails are still wet around Gunnison. But in Fruita. PRIMO! We caught the tail end of the Fruita fat tire festival yet the trails weren't too crowded. In true Brian style the ride plan was simple.... ride all the trails. I got my hill repeats in no problemo, and we finished with More fun trail. ( NO MORE FUN... if you ask me, but in the only sick kinda way that Mountain biking can be both fun and not fun at the same time).
The ride also really illustrated a few key things to me that made me laugh.
  • Riding up to a rocky ledge, I was thinking 'straight through, or ez line at left, aaaggh'...the moment of hesitation almost took all my momentum and I nearly faltered before going up the ledge. 'Indecision will halt you! See the line, pick your line and go for it'.

How true is that for everything we do.

  • Later on a techincal spot, I say to Brian 'give me some room I don't always make it'. He replies... 'how about thinking I always make it', and I think.. You're right. I am riding well today... I can make it. Guess what.... I do! Funny that.
  • Finally Moore fun trail bought up the real gist of the situation. Focus. With it... achievable! Without it... forget it you won''t even be able to see the path.

Loads of lessons in one ride eh? I must have needed it. Ride on.

Friday, April 25, 2008


My Camera and cable.
So heres a belated Sample of South Africa pics.
Gary - Just for fun sports ZA, packs it in. Where there's a will theres a way.Laura: So many skills... Delivers. AN ICE BATH... in 40 degrees C... Yeah.Where Mechanics go at night. Life is pretty good for Bork, even if dinner is a little late!Tent city.Bike city. ( tidbit for today... at least 80% of bike's had bar ends).
And then STELLENBOSCH. What a treat.

Erik and Janine... awesome hosts.
Franshoek, mid ride brunch.
Turtle crossing. JB saved it and it repayed him with turtle wee.Sunday afternoon Braai. Wed evening Braai... Gunnison style...and the B'man sings. ( making fun of my music choice makes up his own lyrics, special edition not for realease any time soon).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

celebrations and swim trunks

Today was a mini celebration for me as I completed a round of dental work. Two cavities and a crown. 5-6 hours in the chair, over 3 visits, at least 6 injections and quite a bit of money later. BUT and This is the celebration part I don't have to go back again until tooth cleaning time. I am so excited!
Celebrated by purchasing a Sonic care tooth brush, flouride toothpaste and more floss.

My dentist is in Montrose and I had taken down my 'new' swim bag of toys to swim afterward. Turned out I picked up Brian's swim bag, with Brian's 'budgie smuggler' speedo instead of my togs. He argues - this name- apparently they are not 'the budgie smuggler they are 'Boy shorts' . Whatever as I was wearing a sports bra I decided to use them. ...thank goodness noone knew me.

I did have a laugh getting dressed. It could have been worse. What if Brian had taken my swim bag to Montrose. He might not have gotten away with my speedo!


Monday, April 21, 2008

What is Bologna?

Brian and I rode to Lake City yesterday. I have been love love loving my road bike. Maybe it is because I've spent so much time on the MTB bike in the past year although I also think its because the new Trek Madones are SWEET!
My bike fits me amazing and is comfortable! Comfort to me equates to confidence and it's amazing to feel this secure on the road bike.
Good too as the dirt around Gunnison still has some drying out to do!
However comfort and confidence doesn't necessarily translate to keeping up with Brian! Despite his best efforts and he really was trying - pulling me in the head wind all the way to Lake city. I got bonky with 20 miles to go - to the half way point. Oh oh. I kinda had a feeling that thinking about what I'd cook to eat for dinner - at 10am in the morning 12 miles into the ride was a bit of an alarm bell.
At Lake city - we stopped at the General store. I go inside in a shaky, blur and hone in on what I can eat. I buy Tortillas,cheese and by god Bologna. And a Snickers Bar.
Sitting on the outside bench I make up wraps. Now seriously what on Earth is Bologna, What on earth made me buy it, and would I actually be able to eat it? Brian's take was 'well it has calories'. I ate 2 pieces enough Bologna for my life time.
However it all did its job and about 1000 calories later I was a much much happier seeing straight bike rider. Great all the way home.
I'd stuck the other half of a wrap in my back pocket and at home gave it to Max. He was psyched!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Max 1st place

Ross doesn't stand a chance not if there's food involved!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spoiled, snow and fingers crossed

I feel very spoiled today and sometimes I have to shout out about Brian. I came home to a road bike, built up and all measurements exact for me ready to roll out the door. On the handlebars was a speedo bag of toys to use swimming. Kickboard, paddles, snorkel, float. how cool is that! A serious hint hint... I'm super appreciative and not sure that I deserved it.

So much for the ride today however as guess what. It's snowing! Alot!

On a slightly anxious note none of my luggage has turned up yet. Fingers crossed.



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Made it

Home which is always Great!
My flights out of South Africa where very hectic and I completely wasn't expecting it. At the airport in Capetown and I realised my internal flight was domestic meaning I would change to international in Johannesburg. OH OH. I had an hour 10 connection. That's kinda tight. I tried to fly on an earlier flight but was denied and then for kicks and giggles the Sth African Airways was keen to charge me 9000 Zar for my bike ( nearly $1200 dollars) Over an hour later and 6 ques with 4 different people I paid 1160 Zar. Caught my flight and thought its all good. In Jo'burg I started to be a little worried when it took forever to unload us and bus our flight to the terminal - with 50 mins till my US flight I ran across to international and got to the ticket counter 40 mins before.
However I hit a wall when the flight was closed. All counter staff telling me a different story and I must have looked so panicked that one guy totally took pity and basically accompanied me through, I owe him huge! He issued me a boarding pass, escorted me through crew security and immigration and I got to the gate with honestly seconds to spare. Far... too much excitement.
18 hours plus later in Atlanta I had no luggage show. ( not a surprise!).
nearly 38 hours after leaving Stellenbosh I got home to Gunni. Awesome. Max was very excited!

Stellenbosh was fantastic. It was like one of those weekends you read about in travel articles. 3 perfect days in..... Stellenbosh is very charmed, the scenery, wine country and mountains, climate, food, wine, all amazing. We ate great food, met neat people, rode trails on Saturday morning, and had a group road ride to Franshoek on Sunday morning both rides had Cafe and coffee breaks during.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

In the swim

This morning Sue and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 5.30 to meet Helena and some friends for a sea kayak on the ocean by Seapoint. I was so glad we made the effort. It was awesome. On the water by 7.30 - 8am and treated to another amazing view of the mountains and shoreline around Capetown.
I'm starting to get into the swing of things in the city, or so it seems to me. So today I walked over to the cape epic office and picked up our prizemoney, then the bike shop to get my bike case. From there I wheeled the bike case home behind me through the city and market. Too funny! (just another day - our and Chris and JB's cash stashed in my camel back and pulling a tag along Iron case, no one ever said bike racing was glamourous).
Then much to my excitement I found a pool around the corner on long street. Life is good and the swimming guilt is off my shoulders.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Singletrack above the Ocean

Today we Sue, JB and I rode up Table mountain above Capetown via a dirt road on the lions head side. At the top of our trail we hit single track and took it over and down to Sea point. It was probably one of the most amazing pieces of single track I have ever ridden, being high above the ocean on the side of a mountain. Fantastic stuff! My plan had been to swim afterward but somehow I got really tired and lost motivation. Funny how that happens. Feeling a good dose of guilt over my upcoming Xterra season I privately vow to swim tomorrow.
Its pretty weird right now I am in love with my bike and riding albeit gently feels really good.
Jeremiah introduced us to a Coffee shop yesterday 'Origin' It has exceptional coffee ( as good as Atomic, or C4 in NZ - high compliments) So we went again today. It was great.
All the amazing pictures are being stored in my head as I vaguely remember leaving my camera in a porta pottie on the last night of the Cape Epic.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Capetown, ZA

We are now in Capetown for a couple of days staying in a pretty amazing apartment in the middle of the city. The city makes for interesting riding getting to and from our accom. Today our shortcut through the market was the most sketchy thing. Bad idea to try and ride in the middle of Capetown by the station. OOPS.
Its great to relax however post Epic and the beauty around this city is spectacular. Capetown is very confusing with such contrast of wealth/poverty and culture.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

cape epic update

I've been noticing a theme with my thinking and comments.
So I'm compiling a wee vocabularly list for my amusement and to let you know how it is. Called different meanings to describe brutal.
HOT- Brutal
Long- Brutal
Fast- Brutal
Sandy - brutal
Dusty - brutal
Hard - brutal
steep- Brutal
Rugged- brutal
bumpy - Brutal
Corragated - brutal
Windy - Brutal.
Loose - brutal.
about 6 hours a day - brutal

But when its done each day - pretty freaken awesome!

What a ride, and all in all I'm LOVING IT!

Trek bikes are doing a great job with media and our journals. so either click on my trekbikes link or try www.trekmountaintypepad.com

Last night we stayed at the southern most point in South Africa and Sue and I again won a stage. Today we are right beside the beach.... did I mention awesome!