Thursday, April 3, 2008

cape epic update

I've been noticing a theme with my thinking and comments.
So I'm compiling a wee vocabularly list for my amusement and to let you know how it is. Called different meanings to describe brutal.
HOT- Brutal
Long- Brutal
Fast- Brutal
Sandy - brutal
Dusty - brutal
Hard - brutal
steep- Brutal
Rugged- brutal
bumpy - Brutal
Corragated - brutal
Windy - Brutal.
Loose - brutal.
about 6 hours a day - brutal

But when its done each day - pretty freaken awesome!

What a ride, and all in all I'm LOVING IT!

Trek bikes are doing a great job with media and our journals. so either click on my trekbikes link or try

Last night we stayed at the southern most point in South Africa and Sue and I again won a stage. Today we are right beside the beach.... did I mention awesome!

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