Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vegas.. then East bound

Cirque de solei. Vegas

Brian, I and Brandyn.

Max and my trip started with a speeding ticket 20 miles east Of Gunni. Its still sitting on the dashboard, I know I have to suck it up and pay it, but have been procrastinating.
We drove East, stopping in Boulder on route to hwy 80 and Chicago, and meeting Brian. Nebraska/Iowa/ Illinois.. quite pretty, spring and green... and it was a long way!

Post Chicago we drove to Battle creek Michigan for the Midwest championship Xterra. Fast, fun, flatter trails made for a great triathlon. Nice swim, fast bike, enjoyable run. Race morning we where met with 30 degree temps and ice.. but race conditions where basically perfect. I rode into 2nd and finished 5th. Brian ran into 7th.
Solid races. The Xterra competition on the US scene this year is awesome. Top 5 in Michigan all finished top 6 at Worlds last year.
We stayed with Andrea and Brett in Michigan, and their two husky dogs. Great hosts and a really neat couple.
Post race Brian and I visited Ann Arbor for a day, it was really fun, student town, stayed next to a Trader Joes ( made me very happy) and we went downtown Monday evening to Arbor Brewing company ( made Brian very happy). Was a good time, lively town, relaxed.
Tuesday was another story. I dropped Brian in Detriot and drove all day through Ohio/Kentucky/Tennessee untill 11pm that night. Ugh.

Big Bone state park, Kentucky.. recovery day..staying in one piece.
Wednesday saw Max and I arriving in Alabama to Oak mountain. Love it here. Great venue and state park. To say I was wrecked is an understatement, couldn't ride my bike on the trails.. too much effort!
I met my host family for the weekend Jenny, Corbin, Cassie and Gauge. A good nights sleep and a new person with my name emerged on Thursday.
The Southeast Xterra was held yesterday and I had a solid race to finish 6th. I had good legs a good bike and improved run.
Xterra's are tough, today I am once again wrecked! So heading East toward Atlanta and north to visit Brian's sister in Gastonia, North Carolina. Next up is the ACE off road triathlon West Virginia this weekend. Apparently its quite the party. 1 1/2 miles downriver swim/ 7 mile run/ and 12 mile bike. Kristi of Dirtbean and I are going to camp and experience some West Virginia racing scene. I can't wait it has been a long time since I've raced in WV.
What a good life! Brian is in Gunnison, racing the Sage burner 25k trail race yesterday, which he won, and the half growler MTB race today. He was 2nd on his single speed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SNRGY multisport is LIVE

Here I go again linking blogs to blogs and web pages.
Snrgy Multisport is LIVE.
Check out our Blog at
Our website is still an work in progress but we are making progress. ie: learned today how to sign in and upload.. baby steps people.. baby steps. ( be patient with this one).
Check back often as there are plenty of exciting happenings behind the scenes and in the works. cheers Jenny

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gunnison Growler and the Dog

The Gunnison local growler series started up while we were in Vegas last week, and we joined in with race #2 this evening. Hartman's rock's area is in such good shape and so are the Gunnison/ Crested butte locals.. perpetually!
It was a lung buster, technical skills, single track racing and fun all rolled into one. I often end up duking it out with several single speed in these races, mismatched bikes allow me to catch on the big ring portions and have the 'hurt' put to me on the climbs. Tonight I made a guy hang out behind me for too long and when I did finally let him by saw he was on a single speed. Oops that's not cool.. On my part.

On to the d o double g. Brian woke me at 5.15 yesterday. "Max has run off and I've got to meet Wick' ( to ski) Can imagine how psyched I was with that.. Wednesday is trash day too... damn it.. damn dog.
1 hour 30 looking for the dog in the semi dark in to morning, we gave up and realised it would be ugly. 8am in comes the fat double wide boy. burping and thirsty with something resembling turkey grease or a toxic oil spill from his head , down his neck and legs!
Needless to say the remenants have been nasty, last night was a 4 x interupted one, and today was extra nasty surprise in the lounge. Revolting...
Also needless to say the boy has been bathed and is extra sweety maxwell dog all day today.
He knows.
Wonder why we don't have any additional children?


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

The opening race of the US cup Xterra series was held yesterday in Las Vegas. Interesting venue for an off road triathlon.. the USA man made city.

What a place Vegas is. The epitomy of most things I don't believe in.. unsustainable, consumerism to the max, man made excess. the rant could go and go.

People were extremely hospitable and friendly. Marty and Larry Simmons kindly hosted Brian, Brandyn and I.
Sunset racing put on a put together brutal event in Lake Las Vegas ( very clean water) and surrounding dirt. I say dirt as nothing grows out there... beyond the irrigated landscaping.
Chris met and rode with us on the course top meet insurance rules with the private property and organised tickets to Cirque de solei KA show. FUN!
Bran and I shopped, Trader Joes and the Henderson Whole foods.. ( a whole food store on steriods.. of course its Vegas.. pretty fun for foodies!).

Then there was the racing. Not too spectacular. Brian and I where both 8th. Lots to improve on. I felt like one speed steady Jenny. But as its the beginning of a long season it may be a very good thing as we progress. We've been doing this for a long time, a little hunger is good for us.

Today its back to the Earth in St George , Gooseberry Mesa and Zion national park. No highway 15 today.. we are taking the back road home.