Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gunnison Growler and the Dog

The Gunnison local growler series started up while we were in Vegas last week, and we joined in with race #2 this evening. Hartman's rock's area is in such good shape and so are the Gunnison/ Crested butte locals.. perpetually!
It was a lung buster, technical skills, single track racing and fun all rolled into one. I often end up duking it out with several single speed in these races, mismatched bikes allow me to catch on the big ring portions and have the 'hurt' put to me on the climbs. Tonight I made a guy hang out behind me for too long and when I did finally let him by saw he was on a single speed. Oops that's not cool.. On my part.

On to the d o double g. Brian woke me at 5.15 yesterday. "Max has run off and I've got to meet Wick' ( to ski) Can imagine how psyched I was with that.. Wednesday is trash day too... damn it.. damn dog.
1 hour 30 looking for the dog in the semi dark in to morning, we gave up and realised it would be ugly. 8am in comes the fat double wide boy. burping and thirsty with something resembling turkey grease or a toxic oil spill from his head , down his neck and legs!
Needless to say the remenants have been nasty, last night was a 4 x interupted one, and today was extra nasty surprise in the lounge. Revolting...
Also needless to say the boy has been bathed and is extra sweety maxwell dog all day today.
He knows.
Wonder why we don't have any additional children?


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thedurangokid said...

That's a good boy maxxxxxxx!