Sunday, May 3, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

The opening race of the US cup Xterra series was held yesterday in Las Vegas. Interesting venue for an off road triathlon.. the USA man made city.

What a place Vegas is. The epitomy of most things I don't believe in.. unsustainable, consumerism to the max, man made excess. the rant could go and go.

People were extremely hospitable and friendly. Marty and Larry Simmons kindly hosted Brian, Brandyn and I.
Sunset racing put on a put together brutal event in Lake Las Vegas ( very clean water) and surrounding dirt. I say dirt as nothing grows out there... beyond the irrigated landscaping.
Chris met and rode with us on the course top meet insurance rules with the private property and organised tickets to Cirque de solei KA show. FUN!
Bran and I shopped, Trader Joes and the Henderson Whole foods.. ( a whole food store on steriods.. of course its Vegas.. pretty fun for foodies!).

Then there was the racing. Not too spectacular. Brian and I where both 8th. Lots to improve on. I felt like one speed steady Jenny. But as its the beginning of a long season it may be a very good thing as we progress. We've been doing this for a long time, a little hunger is good for us.

Today its back to the Earth in St George , Gooseberry Mesa and Zion national park. No highway 15 today.. we are taking the back road home.

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