Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall dreams

We've been really spoiled with the weather lately and its that time in the high country where you know you are riding on borrowed time.
Brian and I went yesterday and explored some new terrain (for us) from Spring creek to Cement creek trail via Rosebud trail.
We'd ridden Rosebud trail before during a long day from Crested Butte South and each had our own memories of the climb. This time around I had some VO2 intervals to do on the climb and it was so loose and rocky I think I climbed with the most anger at a trail as I have ever had.
At the top though cement creek trail was perfect and the views of the fall colors where amazing. The ride took us about 2 hours 45... so it was a really nice way to access the CB South area with less driving and from a fresh perspective.
As its Tri season we donned our running shoes and joggled boggled around Spring creek with some strides for good measure.
I am definately feeling the itch of Nationals next weekend as am I thinking ahead to World champs in November. Its been a long season and I can taste Brians bithday ride, hiking and relaxing that comes after all our racing is done.
I feel like I am in the 5 week countdown and I'll appreciate it this year.
Well enough future dreaming. The sun has just come out, I have a run to do, some bikes to clean and a coaching program for a client before 4 this afternoon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brian is fast

We were up at 6.20 today... as the local mountain air marathon was happening and they also had a 10 miler road and 5 km trail run. Two weeks out from Tahoe. Perfect!
Brian ran the 10 miles and was 2nd in 56.20... He was second to Josh Eberly (53 mins) a stellar ex Western state and nowdays professional runner who is training for Twin cities marathon in 3 weeks. When you factor in the 5 minute altitude adjustment for Gunnison's rareified air it makes their times very respectable.
I ran the 5km trail race and won in 19.30. Sweet... I was psyched its been a long time since I've run under 20 mins for any 5km.

Now it feels weird as its one of those ... is only 3pm days and seems like it should be at least 6.

Bri is going paddling with Sully and I may or may not head to the pool.



Saturday, September 15, 2007


The other nght over dinner a friend of ours asked me 'do I have an addictive personality?' Inside I was so amused ( girlfriend you have no idea!) and flattered actually ( perhaps I am more relaxed these days?).
Well lets front up and right off the top of my head ... addictive behaviors of this week.
1. Coffee
2. Gummy worms and jelly beans ( flavor of long rides this week- untill I ate most of a four serving packet on the way to my thursday ride and had such a headache I decidedly vitoed that sugar habit).
3. Theres a reason why our house is usually sugar free even though I often open the fridge aimlessly looking for some!
4. The contenintal divide region of Gunnison- Thursday's ride was my 4th trip into the area this week.
5. Things that go around in circles.

Big circles.

I recently got an amazing fix by purchasing a new 2 wheeled toy - I'm the new proud owner of a 29er Single speed Gary fisher Rig.
Like any addict it was really easy to justify my habit:
1.. Tax deductible.
2. Training tool. Especially for those strength endurance seated climb intervals. Much more fun when you have no choice.
3. Brians Birthday white rim ride and the town race series next year.
4. Brian can ride it too.
5. I really wanted it.

It is 100% delivering. Such a great ride. I am enjoying everything about it. The feel of aluminum. The big wheels. The payback for effort. It can be hard work but it gives back what you put in. The color - its black.

For those of you who know us we have retired the converted 'blingle speed rigid 69er trek 9.8'. It was being very problematic of late as we couldn't get the chain tension to work correctly. We have the frame for sale.. so if you are interested let us know.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 more drawing pins

Our friend Steve has a project going where he is riding over every pass in Colorado. With approxinately 150 passes on the map this is no small task.

The Sunday ride didn't quite work out as intended time wise so today we got up and headed out to the bottom of Old Monarch for a second attempt.
We all ride for our own reasons and for me today it was a stunning day and rather fan- freaking-tastic to be doing to what makes me happiest. 7 hours later we had linked Old Monarch to Chalk creek pass, Hancock pass and Tomichi pass.

There is incredible country out there everywhere. Enjoy it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pedaling 9 to 5

What a way....
Steve and I got up at 5 yesterday to go out and cheer Jeff Irwin on in the Vapor 125 ride. While we where dragging ourselves with coffee into the car the riders had already logged a solid 5 hours out on the trails. We arrived at the Whitepine road in a chilly 36 degrees and ended up timing it so that as we pulled off our bikes the first rider was pedalling toward us. A quick bite of peanut toast and we jumped in with Jeff and eventual winner Ethan Passant to ride up the pass.
Does Jeff look like he'd rather be doing anything else. He finshed at 2.39 in the afternoon 14 hours and a half hours - in 3rd place.

Steve and I left Jeff at the top of Old Monarch to ride the Continental divide trail North and link it with Chalk Creek pass and hopefully make a loop back to White Pine.
When we dropped into the singletrack the sign showed hikers and horses allowed and Atv vechiles not. ( no mention of bikes?) add that we don't know anyone who had ridden this section and we did wonder a wee bit what the trail would bring.

Amazing views, 13000ft high climbing and quite a bit of hiking. After 7 hours or so we decided postride that it was an incredible one time ride!

Here Steve is framed by the 14000ft Taberauche peak,

One of the many lakes just below the divide.

I'd been attached to my bike a few moments earlier.

We turned back on the loop at 6 hours and dropped into Garfield, finished our ride by riding up back over Monarch. Good times!

Ride happy.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Monarch Crest Trail and the Vapor ride

Here are the links for information regarding the Monarch Crest trail review. We have untill October the 12th to support keeping it open for cycling.

Fittingly tomorrow is the running of the invitation only 125 m Vapor trail ride from Salida, Colorado. We are going up early in the am to ride with, support and harrass our friend Jeff Irwin as he pedals his way through this epic event.

What can we do to influence the decision-making process about our public treasure? The Forest Service is accepting comments from citizens until October 12, 2007. Make your voice heard! Write letters to:
US Forest ServiceAttn: CDNST 740 Simms Street Golden, CO 80401-4720
Or send electronic mail to:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Riding while we can

We went back to Boulder for swim lesson #2. Wolfgang told Brian that he was surprised he wasn't coming out of the water much faster, that he thought he would swim a 21 min 1500m and that he just needs to swim harder. ( I'm kinda jealous I wish my feedback was that enlightening!).
Then up to the mountains we went for the final MTB event of the season in Keystone. The trails around Keystone are fantastic, although the bark beetles are making a hash of the forest. Which is really sad to see about half the trees infected. Saturday was a stxc- where Katie Compton pretty much rode my legs off as I tried not to get lapped by her. Needless to say I was 2nd.
Brian was 5th in a hotly contested mens race.
Sunday saw the XC and again I rode hard with Katie to the top of the mountain, I had a gap at the top and was about 1/2 way down the descent when somehow I flatted both tires at the same time! Two X Stans everywhere - panic stations saw me immediately sear my hand on my rear rotor trying to get the wheel off. Then fortunately along came Dylan Stucki and he gave me a 2nd tube. For a very random reason I had 2 cans of big air. I got going again in 4th place and passed 2 others to finish 2nd. I was rather psyched to tell the truth as when it happened I thought I may be in for a long walk down the hill. B'man was in a hotly contested race to finish 5th.
We stayed for the night afterwards and it was nice to relax and take our time coming home. Max came with and at the motel he somehow lept out of the car and dissappeared. I looked everywhere when a man told me there was a black dog in the neighbouring condo barking behind the glass door! What? he'd got himself locked inside. Drama.
This time of year is perfect for high country riding as when it snows once its gone. So on Wednesday we rode the OLD Monarch road to the Crest trail and down Agate creek . The forest service is reviewing the MTBing on the Crest trail, if you feel concerned about this trail visit to find ways to communicate and keep it open! Its a fantastic classic ride and just amazing to be up 12000ft high on the ridge of Continental divide. Brian 'made' ( ha ha) me ride up old Monarch in my big ring. It was pretty satisfying - I stayed there for 3000 ft and a whole hour! However I do have to admit that at the end of the ride I grannied then hiked out of the bottom of Agate creek! What comes around goes around eh!

ride happy.