Thursday, September 6, 2007

Riding while we can

We went back to Boulder for swim lesson #2. Wolfgang told Brian that he was surprised he wasn't coming out of the water much faster, that he thought he would swim a 21 min 1500m and that he just needs to swim harder. ( I'm kinda jealous I wish my feedback was that enlightening!).
Then up to the mountains we went for the final MTB event of the season in Keystone. The trails around Keystone are fantastic, although the bark beetles are making a hash of the forest. Which is really sad to see about half the trees infected. Saturday was a stxc- where Katie Compton pretty much rode my legs off as I tried not to get lapped by her. Needless to say I was 2nd.
Brian was 5th in a hotly contested mens race.
Sunday saw the XC and again I rode hard with Katie to the top of the mountain, I had a gap at the top and was about 1/2 way down the descent when somehow I flatted both tires at the same time! Two X Stans everywhere - panic stations saw me immediately sear my hand on my rear rotor trying to get the wheel off. Then fortunately along came Dylan Stucki and he gave me a 2nd tube. For a very random reason I had 2 cans of big air. I got going again in 4th place and passed 2 others to finish 2nd. I was rather psyched to tell the truth as when it happened I thought I may be in for a long walk down the hill. B'man was in a hotly contested race to finish 5th.
We stayed for the night afterwards and it was nice to relax and take our time coming home. Max came with and at the motel he somehow lept out of the car and dissappeared. I looked everywhere when a man told me there was a black dog in the neighbouring condo barking behind the glass door! What? he'd got himself locked inside. Drama.
This time of year is perfect for high country riding as when it snows once its gone. So on Wednesday we rode the OLD Monarch road to the Crest trail and down Agate creek . The forest service is reviewing the MTBing on the Crest trail, if you feel concerned about this trail visit to find ways to communicate and keep it open! Its a fantastic classic ride and just amazing to be up 12000ft high on the ridge of Continental divide. Brian 'made' ( ha ha) me ride up old Monarch in my big ring. It was pretty satisfying - I stayed there for 3000 ft and a whole hour! However I do have to admit that at the end of the ride I grannied then hiked out of the bottom of Agate creek! What comes around goes around eh!

ride happy.


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