Friday, January 22, 2010

Santiago Chile

MY flight from dallas fort worth to Santiago saw a delay and I missed my connection to Pucon today. This saw American Airlines pick up the delay and host me in the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Santiago overnight tonight.
Im excited, I definately feel travel weary and the opportunity to have a clean NICE hotel room and a wee overnight vacation is wonderful.
I really have no agenda today other than rest and recovery so I spent the afternoon looking around town. Brian would love it here, lots of outside cafes and beer. Heaps of beer. In big fat bottles , light ales style, its hot..
I love the arts and crafts, I looked and then bought some water, It was fun. bright culture, and laid back atmosphere., As much as I love Gunnison, and our life, I resonate when I am away from the US too. Its a neat world we live in.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A few things we don't need

This is a bit of a random post. Classifieds on my blog!
We have several pieces of equipment we don't need and would like to sell. Please just contact me if you are interested.

1. Some brand new Equip 10 skate ski's the proceeds of this sale are going to Rebecca Dussaults, Olympic campaign, So if you weigh 115-129lbs and would like some new race skating xc ski's let us know.
$200 would be a great price.

2. Brian's F1 Scarpa race boots from last year. These have new liners and cables. They are in excellent condition. Super hard to come by so again if you or anyone you know are looking for Randonee boots.. Mondo 26/ Size 42/ Mens US 8.5
Wick modelling the boots!

We'd like $400 for them.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spandex and Snow

Yep we live here.
Only Tressa ( my middle name is game) learns to skate ski at Mill creek.. think somewhat groomed, gorilla skiing and hills.

Brian and Keri Nelson ( doing what they do well.. hard sports fast!)

me.. I'll try.

Okay, I know its spandex, however these redfeather snowshoes and racing clothes are the best. They've sponsored me this season with the redfeather endurance racing team. I'm digging it as a sport and LOVING the products.

If you want to try snowshoe running go straight for the redfeather Vapor's. They are light, compact and fantastic to run in. I can do it, You can too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just spent $17 on black truffle oil. I almost had the opportunity to get it for less when it didn''t scan at Safeway and the clerk asked if I knew how much it was? I wish I could lie and not think Karma would come back around and get me, but I don't so I told her.

I've been thinking about truffles ever since our friends birthday dinner at the Secret Stash in Crested Butte in December. The oil smells so amazing drizzeled on food and tastes even better.

I also bought some Salmon to grill and drizzel it on. We have cooked potatoes to pan up, and some local greens that will be delicious with goat cheese.

Why such focus on food?

I drove over to Maysville today and rode my bike outside around Salida. It was 50 degrees and so warm! Untill I came to ride back to the car. Of course it was a headwind and the sun had gone down and it took an hour 15 instead of 40 ish minutes.
This ride is brutal.. a staight false uphill road into a headwind. Add that I do it in Jan and Feb when I'm not accustomed to the bike. It made for some creative 'rewarding'.

Dinner. I can't wait.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Tour

Here's some pictures from the now annual Anthricite/West Elk New years day tour.

And thanks to Jarrall Ryter heres the Garming Info ( it is 2010 after all!)...

Skinning up.

West Elk Castles from Swampy Pass
Edge of Antricites from Swampy Pass.
Swampy Pass: Breakfast

Between Swampy and Beckwith Pass. Wilderness.

Climb up to Beckwith Pass

Beckwith LUNCH time. ( Bar's open Dave?)
Dave Mo. ( Ownder Rock and Roll sports in Gunnison/ Loving life)

I'm still smiling, coming off a Beckwith its already a good year!

Bottom of Beckwith, by Horse Ranch Park. Kebler.. pass.

B'man staying warm on top of Kebler..
What a great start to 2010.