Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just spent $17 on black truffle oil. I almost had the opportunity to get it for less when it didn''t scan at Safeway and the clerk asked if I knew how much it was? I wish I could lie and not think Karma would come back around and get me, but I don't so I told her.

I've been thinking about truffles ever since our friends birthday dinner at the Secret Stash in Crested Butte in December. The oil smells so amazing drizzeled on food and tastes even better.

I also bought some Salmon to grill and drizzel it on. We have cooked potatoes to pan up, and some local greens that will be delicious with goat cheese.

Why such focus on food?

I drove over to Maysville today and rode my bike outside around Salida. It was 50 degrees and so warm! Untill I came to ride back to the car. Of course it was a headwind and the sun had gone down and it took an hour 15 instead of 40 ish minutes.
This ride is brutal.. a staight false uphill road into a headwind. Add that I do it in Jan and Feb when I'm not accustomed to the bike. It made for some creative 'rewarding'.

Dinner. I can't wait.


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melanie said...

You should make yam fries with sea salt drizzled at the very end with a little truffle oil. It is like hippie french haute cuisine ;)

Good luck in the Andes!