Monday, June 23, 2008

Its opening up!

Finally after a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG Winter and Spring the high country around Gunnison County is drying out. ( a bit that is). For many of us, especially me, its a huge reason that we live here. So its very very exciting to reintroduce yourself to the high country trails and remember quickly that riding in CB can be a brutally happy time.
The Wildflower Rush Mountain states cup race was on Saturday morning, and unable to help myself I signed up on Friday night. It was stunning and hard ( race climbing a ski hill for ages at 9am is guaranteed to be hard ). I won which was nice. And now its time for a taper prior to the Deer Valley national this coming weekend. The girls podium
Our teammate Kelly Magelky did great in the mens race, taking 3rd right off a 12 hour event, showing he is in fine form for his upcoming 24 hour Worlds race in Canada later in July. I did want to enjoy a Sunday outing prior to my easier week ahead. We met up with some friends just south of Crested Butte to ride Strand Hill, Ferris creek (cutoff ... don't do that one... the creek crossing... is a river in flood ...we turned around) Deer Creek, and the Upper trail systems. So awesome. 5 hours later I am peedalling my way desperately to the vending machine in Mt CB for food and water anything.... as my 2 bottles/1 Lara bar had not nearly lasted the distance, running out well over an hour earlier. Good god girl will you ever learn!

Nick and Josh show their love! I'm off to Deer Valley, Brian has decided to stay at home and get some solid training in for the upcoming Fire cracker 50 MTB nationals event in Breckenridge, CO July 4th. We are going to stay with our favorite host Ladawn there, Can't wait!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bright and Shiny and no Excuses

What a good way to promote a Car- less Summer around town.

The local Gunni Series 'the growler series' finished its Spring round tonight.

I raced, a little against my better judgement but whatever... it was a beautiful evening, did my intervals during... bla bla..
The best part is I won a Townie in the after party raffle. It is a Raleigh so sweet, and shiny, and new. Thanks TOMICHI CYCLES for donating it.
Dave Ochs thought I could race it in the chainless race in Crested Butte tomorrow, but honestly with the coaster brakes and no chain... that'd be a bad idea for me.
I gave it to Brian... . Tomorrow we need to buy a bike lock! how FUN!

I love this pic: I was busy unpacking and turn around: My bike is underneath the dog. Max is keen to make sure we stay put!

brazil XTERRA Pics

Caro (a) BRIAN SMITH, obrigado pela sua participaĆ§Ć£o!
( Plse Speak English so that 'Brian can participate')

richmond xterra pics

Thanks to Shawn Tevendale.

Monday, June 16, 2008

2 hours on the Tarmac

Part of the Richmond run course
Kristi/Lisa and I post race... worked over?Ladies podium. Danelle Kabush and Zoe/ShonnyV/ Melanie/me/CandyAngle
Man, Am I jinxed with travel or is it this bad for us all? What started as an ez squeezy lemon peezy day with Lisa in Richmond, took a severe turn for the worse as a storm over Washington DC stranded us on the runway and the air conditioning stopped working on the plane. FOR TWO HOURS! Worse instead of airconditioning the heat turned on and the plane got up to a very stuffy 100 degrees. It was BRUTAL. I was feeling light headed and I'd hope by now I can cope with adverse heat. The poor older people on the plane.
Finally we took off for a 3 1/2 hour trip to Denver, missed my Gunni flight, supposedly 6% technical/94% weather related according to United. All that means is no free accomadation or love for the traveller. So I'm in a hotel room for the night.
However Richmond was a blast and I raced well. Mel Mcquaid won, I was 2nd, Shonny V 3rd and a tight race for all. Kristi was 6th a mere 3 mins back. It a good season for the women this year! Hot racing. Deep fields.
I'm psyched with my Achilles. Two races where a test! I 'socked' up in this XTERRA and although it takes time in transition its SO NICE to run in socks and no blood filled shoe like Alabama. I have to practise socking quicker for future racing.

Can't wait to get home... see the Maxwell dog.

Bri was 3rd in XTERRA Brazil.. More on that when I find out.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Richmond is a really neat venue for an XTERRA. Once you check yourself out of the sleazy greasy hotel that is. I booked a hotel online and it was awful the location was excellent but the room was super hot and the entire place smelled of smoke. Awful!
So now we are 'holed' up in the Holiday inn express, much more civilised and comfortable.
Our accommodations are apparently not quite as nice as Brian's in Brazil. Yes he did get to go, his Visa arrived at the 11Th hour. 3 hours before we left for Birmingham airport.
He said its great, he's being VIP treated and loads of hospitality. I've not had a race update and probably won't today. its the party down there now.
Anyway Richmond is great, the course is looking hard ( as usual) and really fun. The swim in the James river is pretty wild. Kristi and I pre swam it today and lost skin from our feet and legs grazing over the rocks right under the surface. The bike course is in fast fast shape and incredibly fun. Techie too in spots. Lot of concrete. And the run will just be hard. It is my personal goal to be in better running shape for the next round of xterra's but I'll bring what I brung.... for now and be grateful that my Achilles is doing aok.\
Richmond has got a pretty cool vibe in the downtown and Cary town area, good food, neat housing and city living. Its still edgy and a bit on the rough side which makes it real I think. Lots of independent places to eat and shop. Kristi and I just ate at a Japanese restaurant and sat outside purely to people watch. We where across from Carey town bike shop and the place was hopping. Richmond has a real townie and fixed gear bike culture. We noticed at the MTB race today ( part of the Xterra adventure events) a big rigid/29er and single speed presence. Its a cool scene.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dan's the Man

Dan Crean ( Mavic sports) and Brian set too on converting our Shimano tr50 shoes from plain triathlon into trail tri shoes.

The shoe Shimano doesn't know they make.. is currently the hot item on the circuit!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in the swim

XTERRA is really hard! Of all the events I race. Marathon MTB's are my favorite. Short track cross country's are my least favorites. and hands down on so many levels Xterra triathlon is the hardest.
So it was a shock to my system to get back in Tri mode today after a 7-8 month hiatus. I definitely thought about pulling out in the swim, I mean I had plenty of excuses. My ribs where really sore and it was really hot and I thought maybe I'll just bike race this year. I got my act together in time to put together a poor swim.
The rest of the race improved. I had a solid bike and I was really happy with the run. I had decided prior to the race that finishing the run would be a test and therefore a success for me. And I felt very strong so that was great. I was 4th, in a very tightly contested race.

Brian was 6th on a day where he didn't 100% fire. He did put in the fastest run... awesome for a cyclist!!! Very solid race.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Its so hot out there it hurts!

Seth beats his bike into Submission. ( and avoids the $100 bike fee by flying w/ it in a duffel Bag: the architect has skills)

Weighing in at 70 kg is Seth the Silent Killer Wealing/ In the opposite corner at who knows what is Brian the Bulldog Smith. Man the boys have too much time on their hands! and too much quality motel TV. Wrestling. Who will be first American in the XT showdown tomorrow?
Not to be outdone. Will enjoys the sPECtacular scenery.

The trails in Oak mountain state park are awesome. Its very dry this year which makes them fast and bermy. I'm excited to ride after tomorrow's Xterra as there are heaps of other trails in the park that look great to explore.

Yesterday we rode again and then I ran with Kristi ... 5 hills in the last 4 km of the trail run. Big ones. My achilles did good... fantastic. My rib did okay but got real sore afterward. Its really not my style to be so falling apart at the seams but sometimes your just dealt those cards. Or my silly behavior deals them in my direction!

I think I'll survive though. ha ha! Plus this whole rib incident gives me a new level of respect for one

We have a degree of uncertainty over our plans next week as Brian's Visa to Brazil has still not showed. Our friend Jeff is manning out mailbox at home but really it needs to arrive today for Brian to get it in time to go to Brazil. Total bummer as we started the Visa application process over a month ago!

Up today is the Xterra University clinic bought to you: by Conrad Stoltz. Mel Mcquaid, Brian and I. B and I at the same clinic? Different ideas/ Good times. Should you be in Alabama. Come by its at 12.30.

BTW: I'm totally inspired by the Ladies in the Fort William World cup. Go Sue. Go Lea!



Thursday, June 5, 2008

Max Dog Grumples

Brian said it best yesterday when describing how Max climbed into bed with him and started Grumpling. His grumpling involves, sighing,hhmfing, huffing, puffing, weighting himself heavily so he can't be moved and snoring. At night time we call him the old man dog, he grumples off the bed and onto his bed to immediately start deeply sighing and snoring.
he also gets all morose when the bike cases come out and this moping and good dog proving behavior continues until we take him to Critter Sitters when excitement takes over and the wining tail wagging starts as he races us to the door.
Guess the kennel does something right!
For us? we had a simple = another hellish trip to Birmingham 3 hours+ 3 hours of delays = 8 hours in flying time. But we got here to the hotel at 2 am, and are hiding out in the A/C afraid very afraid of what the climate is outside now that its nearly noon.
My rib feels a little better and hopefully it keeps improving! / I've been taking turmeric ( curcumin) and white willow as an alternative to Ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory. It seems to help.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alabama Bound

We are leaving for Alabama today for the #2 in the US Series XTERRA Championship event. Its been a while since I've packed for triathlon. You need alot of Shoes. Its highly probable it will rain while we are on the East Coast so its making it even more challenging to fit everything in one bag. Especially now that thanks to the airline policies we can't put a whole bike in our bike boxes. I've filled my usual Trek bag already and am about to go and retrieve the big daddy Ogio 9800 bag from the Garage instead.
I've hurt my right ribs this week, they are really painful and driving me a lot crazy. They hurt when I move, especially when I swim/bike and run. The race isn't until Sunday though so I'm trying to be Optimistic.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just received this email from Heather Szabo.
A very worthy thing, and a really nice way for us all to stay inspired.

Hi all,Two things:
1) See Larry's note below regarding the Live Like Mike website and donation package. Very cool
2) Vail Town series race on Wednesday, June 18 is the Mike Janelle Classic. The course is on the Berry Creek trail just north of Edwards (10 miles west of Vail). It is a great course, and they also pay cash three deep for pro men and women. It would be great to see some more Tokyo Joe's riders. The post race party is in Edwards and will be a fundraiser for Mike's memorial fund for Maribel and little Micheal. The website for the race series is Please check out the website. Please try to make it to the race.

Please, if nothing else, pass this on to everyone and anyone who might be interested. Thanks!Heather
From Larry: > Friends,> It is Launched ... LiveLikeMike.Org. Check it out, and let's see how much of a buzz we can all create with > this fund raiser. It's simple ... it's a $40.00 donation and you get> some grooven LikeLikeMike swag to wear, to remember, and most > importantly to support Maribel and Mike Jr.> There are no freebies ... I was even the first customer on line to > place an order today. So if you see a T shirt, or the Dog Tags, or see > the Sticker ... you know> that person pony'd up the money for the cause. High five. And it's a > GREAT cause. 40 bucks ... that's all we need from each of you,> AND we need you to SPREAD the word. We have a ZERO advertising budget > as we want to keep this simple, and have 100% of the proceeds go to > Mike.> And really, if we send this on to everyone we know, pull every string > we can to get the word out ... we should be able to do some serious > good here.> If you got pull in the press ... MAKE SURE they do a piece on this. > All we need to do, is send folks to the website, get them to place an > order, and> finally to pass on the good word.> It's very cool by the way ... interactive, so be sure to "SHARE" a > story you have about Mike with all. Pictures also.> And Thank you so much !!!> I know we all miss Mike so much ... show the love.> Larr

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pinch and a Punch

Its the first of the month. How fast is time flying by?
This Pic is purely as I've been slacking on the photo front lately, Max likes the look of the food in the coffee shop. Chocolate cake... mmmnn.

Brian is away this weekend at Special Olympics in Greely. He forgot his phone charger so the last time I spoke with him was Friday. Its good timing for us I think as we are travelling together to Alabama this week. Anyone who spends significant time with their significant other will relate to a little time apart too. (Its healthy).

While Brian has been away I've been having a great time with the girls. Sorry B... I know about the Honey Do list.. I did mow the lawns, I did not call Sully to help remove the rack and box from the Mazda and store it in the garage even though I made mmhmmm aahh haa noises at the time.

On Friday night Cathie, Jari and I went to a new restaurant in town: Sugahs. Thumbs up from us, delicious food, reasonable prices, casual yet nice dining in Gunnison! wow talk about moving forward. After we biked over to the wine bar for a Martini.

Last night we travelled up to Crested Butte for a movie. Gunnison has not had a movie theater now for at least 5 years ( was turned into a church) so I have been to the movies once in about 5 years. B and I saw Lord of the rings in CB back in 04 0r 05 or something. SEX in THE CITY was out and it was awesome. CB has a bar at the theater so picture a Sold out movie theater, with all women except 4 whole men, mostly drinking wine and cosmopolitans and you get the idea of the atmosphere in the movie. So fun.

Tonight Brian is home and there is a title Cage fight on Versus between Jen's Pulver and my favorite fighter Uriah Faber- For the feather weight belt, 145 lbs. Can't wait. The hedonistic weekend continues.....

Oh yeah.... It is the end of my hard week of training too so rode 3 hours yesterday with intervals and ran an hour after ( HUGE PROGRESS FOR ME...fingers 100% crossed, my Achilles was fatigued but not sore) and today I have a 4 hour ride to get in. Its not all play.