Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in the swim

XTERRA is really hard! Of all the events I race. Marathon MTB's are my favorite. Short track cross country's are my least favorites. and hands down on so many levels Xterra triathlon is the hardest.
So it was a shock to my system to get back in Tri mode today after a 7-8 month hiatus. I definitely thought about pulling out in the swim, I mean I had plenty of excuses. My ribs where really sore and it was really hot and I thought maybe I'll just bike race this year. I got my act together in time to put together a poor swim.
The rest of the race improved. I had a solid bike and I was really happy with the run. I had decided prior to the race that finishing the run would be a test and therefore a success for me. And I felt very strong so that was great. I was 4th, in a very tightly contested race.

Brian was 6th on a day where he didn't 100% fire. He did put in the fastest run... awesome for a cyclist!!! Very solid race.



MRussell said...

congrats to both of you.

Brian and Jenny said...

thanks. Next up we are in Va too, heard its hot there!

MRussell said...

It's super-ridiculous hot right now, not to mention humid. But it's supposed to cool down later this week. Expect high 80s this weekend.

oh yeah, the JRP trails are rolling very fast from what I'm hearing.

Have a great trip east.