Monday, June 16, 2008

2 hours on the Tarmac

Part of the Richmond run course
Kristi/Lisa and I post race... worked over?Ladies podium. Danelle Kabush and Zoe/ShonnyV/ Melanie/me/CandyAngle
Man, Am I jinxed with travel or is it this bad for us all? What started as an ez squeezy lemon peezy day with Lisa in Richmond, took a severe turn for the worse as a storm over Washington DC stranded us on the runway and the air conditioning stopped working on the plane. FOR TWO HOURS! Worse instead of airconditioning the heat turned on and the plane got up to a very stuffy 100 degrees. It was BRUTAL. I was feeling light headed and I'd hope by now I can cope with adverse heat. The poor older people on the plane.
Finally we took off for a 3 1/2 hour trip to Denver, missed my Gunni flight, supposedly 6% technical/94% weather related according to United. All that means is no free accomadation or love for the traveller. So I'm in a hotel room for the night.
However Richmond was a blast and I raced well. Mel Mcquaid won, I was 2nd, Shonny V 3rd and a tight race for all. Kristi was 6th a mere 3 mins back. It a good season for the women this year! Hot racing. Deep fields.
I'm psyched with my Achilles. Two races where a test! I 'socked' up in this XTERRA and although it takes time in transition its SO NICE to run in socks and no blood filled shoe like Alabama. I have to practise socking quicker for future racing.

Can't wait to get home... see the Maxwell dog.

Bri was 3rd in XTERRA Brazil.. More on that when I find out.


MRussell said...

Great Race out there. and to Brian in Brazil. What a great day for XTERRA, I couldn't believe how nice the weather was for the event.

Have a great day.

Brian and Jenny said...

Thanks, seriously how lucky did we get w/ the temperature. did you race??