Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bright and Shiny and no Excuses

What a good way to promote a Car- less Summer around town.

The local Gunni Series 'the growler series' finished its Spring round tonight.

I raced, a little against my better judgement but whatever... it was a beautiful evening, did my intervals during... bla bla..
The best part is I won a Townie in the after party raffle. It is a Raleigh so sweet, and shiny, and new. Thanks TOMICHI CYCLES for donating it.
Dave Ochs thought I could race it in the chainless race in Crested Butte tomorrow, but honestly with the coaster brakes and no chain... that'd be a bad idea for me.
I gave it to Brian... . Tomorrow we need to buy a bike lock! how FUN!

I love this pic: I was busy unpacking and turn around: My bike is underneath the dog. Max is keen to make sure we stay put!

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Love the bike Jenny!! I want one too for cruising Heber.