Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pinch and a Punch

Its the first of the month. How fast is time flying by?
This Pic is purely as I've been slacking on the photo front lately, Max likes the look of the food in the coffee shop. Chocolate cake... mmmnn.

Brian is away this weekend at Special Olympics in Greely. He forgot his phone charger so the last time I spoke with him was Friday. Its good timing for us I think as we are travelling together to Alabama this week. Anyone who spends significant time with their significant other will relate to a little time apart too. (Its healthy).

While Brian has been away I've been having a great time with the girls. Sorry B... I know about the Honey Do list.. I did mow the lawns, I did not call Sully to help remove the rack and box from the Mazda and store it in the garage even though I made mmhmmm aahh haa noises at the time.

On Friday night Cathie, Jari and I went to a new restaurant in town: Sugahs. Thumbs up from us, delicious food, reasonable prices, casual yet nice dining in Gunnison! wow talk about moving forward. After we biked over to the wine bar for a Martini.

Last night we travelled up to Crested Butte for a movie. Gunnison has not had a movie theater now for at least 5 years ( was turned into a church) so I have been to the movies once in about 5 years. B and I saw Lord of the rings in CB back in 04 0r 05 or something. SEX in THE CITY was out and it was awesome. CB has a bar at the theater so picture a Sold out movie theater, with all women except 4 whole men, mostly drinking wine and cosmopolitans and you get the idea of the atmosphere in the movie. So fun.

Tonight Brian is home and there is a title Cage fight on Versus between Jen's Pulver and my favorite fighter Uriah Faber- For the feather weight belt, 145 lbs. Can't wait. The hedonistic weekend continues.....

Oh yeah.... It is the end of my hard week of training too so rode 3 hours yesterday with intervals and ran an hour after ( HUGE PROGRESS FOR ME...fingers 100% crossed, my Achilles was fatigued but not sore) and today I have a 4 hour ride to get in. Its not all play.



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