Monday, June 2, 2008

Just received this email from Heather Szabo.
A very worthy thing, and a really nice way for us all to stay inspired.

Hi all,Two things:
1) See Larry's note below regarding the Live Like Mike website and donation package. Very cool
2) Vail Town series race on Wednesday, June 18 is the Mike Janelle Classic. The course is on the Berry Creek trail just north of Edwards (10 miles west of Vail). It is a great course, and they also pay cash three deep for pro men and women. It would be great to see some more Tokyo Joe's riders. The post race party is in Edwards and will be a fundraiser for Mike's memorial fund for Maribel and little Micheal. The website for the race series is Please check out the website. Please try to make it to the race.

Please, if nothing else, pass this on to everyone and anyone who might be interested. Thanks!Heather
From Larry: > Friends,> It is Launched ... LiveLikeMike.Org. Check it out, and let's see how much of a buzz we can all create with > this fund raiser. It's simple ... it's a $40.00 donation and you get> some grooven LikeLikeMike swag to wear, to remember, and most > importantly to support Maribel and Mike Jr.> There are no freebies ... I was even the first customer on line to > place an order today. So if you see a T shirt, or the Dog Tags, or see > the Sticker ... you know> that person pony'd up the money for the cause. High five. And it's a > GREAT cause. 40 bucks ... that's all we need from each of you,> AND we need you to SPREAD the word. We have a ZERO advertising budget > as we want to keep this simple, and have 100% of the proceeds go to > Mike.> And really, if we send this on to everyone we know, pull every string > we can to get the word out ... we should be able to do some serious > good here.> If you got pull in the press ... MAKE SURE they do a piece on this. > All we need to do, is send folks to the website, get them to place an > order, and> finally to pass on the good word.> It's very cool by the way ... interactive, so be sure to "SHARE" a > story you have about Mike with all. Pictures also.> And Thank you so much !!!> I know we all miss Mike so much ... show the love.> Larr

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