Thursday, June 5, 2008

Max Dog Grumples

Brian said it best yesterday when describing how Max climbed into bed with him and started Grumpling. His grumpling involves, sighing,hhmfing, huffing, puffing, weighting himself heavily so he can't be moved and snoring. At night time we call him the old man dog, he grumples off the bed and onto his bed to immediately start deeply sighing and snoring.
he also gets all morose when the bike cases come out and this moping and good dog proving behavior continues until we take him to Critter Sitters when excitement takes over and the wining tail wagging starts as he races us to the door.
Guess the kennel does something right!
For us? we had a simple = another hellish trip to Birmingham 3 hours+ 3 hours of delays = 8 hours in flying time. But we got here to the hotel at 2 am, and are hiding out in the A/C afraid very afraid of what the climate is outside now that its nearly noon.
My rib feels a little better and hopefully it keeps improving! / I've been taking turmeric ( curcumin) and white willow as an alternative to Ibuprofen as an anti inflammatory. It seems to help.

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MRussell said...

Best of Luck in Alabama.