Saturday, June 14, 2008


Richmond is a really neat venue for an XTERRA. Once you check yourself out of the sleazy greasy hotel that is. I booked a hotel online and it was awful the location was excellent but the room was super hot and the entire place smelled of smoke. Awful!
So now we are 'holed' up in the Holiday inn express, much more civilised and comfortable.
Our accommodations are apparently not quite as nice as Brian's in Brazil. Yes he did get to go, his Visa arrived at the 11Th hour. 3 hours before we left for Birmingham airport.
He said its great, he's being VIP treated and loads of hospitality. I've not had a race update and probably won't today. its the party down there now.
Anyway Richmond is great, the course is looking hard ( as usual) and really fun. The swim in the James river is pretty wild. Kristi and I pre swam it today and lost skin from our feet and legs grazing over the rocks right under the surface. The bike course is in fast fast shape and incredibly fun. Techie too in spots. Lot of concrete. And the run will just be hard. It is my personal goal to be in better running shape for the next round of xterra's but I'll bring what I brung.... for now and be grateful that my Achilles is doing aok.\
Richmond has got a pretty cool vibe in the downtown and Cary town area, good food, neat housing and city living. Its still edgy and a bit on the rough side which makes it real I think. Lots of independent places to eat and shop. Kristi and I just ate at a Japanese restaurant and sat outside purely to people watch. We where across from Carey town bike shop and the place was hopping. Richmond has a real townie and fixed gear bike culture. We noticed at the MTB race today ( part of the Xterra adventure events) a big rigid/29er and single speed presence. Its a cool scene.

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