Monday, June 23, 2008

Its opening up!

Finally after a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG Winter and Spring the high country around Gunnison County is drying out. ( a bit that is). For many of us, especially me, its a huge reason that we live here. So its very very exciting to reintroduce yourself to the high country trails and remember quickly that riding in CB can be a brutally happy time.
The Wildflower Rush Mountain states cup race was on Saturday morning, and unable to help myself I signed up on Friday night. It was stunning and hard ( race climbing a ski hill for ages at 9am is guaranteed to be hard ). I won which was nice. And now its time for a taper prior to the Deer Valley national this coming weekend. The girls podium
Our teammate Kelly Magelky did great in the mens race, taking 3rd right off a 12 hour event, showing he is in fine form for his upcoming 24 hour Worlds race in Canada later in July. I did want to enjoy a Sunday outing prior to my easier week ahead. We met up with some friends just south of Crested Butte to ride Strand Hill, Ferris creek (cutoff ... don't do that one... the creek crossing... is a river in flood ...we turned around) Deer Creek, and the Upper trail systems. So awesome. 5 hours later I am peedalling my way desperately to the vending machine in Mt CB for food and water anything.... as my 2 bottles/1 Lara bar had not nearly lasted the distance, running out well over an hour earlier. Good god girl will you ever learn!

Nick and Josh show their love! I'm off to Deer Valley, Brian has decided to stay at home and get some solid training in for the upcoming Fire cracker 50 MTB nationals event in Breckenridge, CO July 4th. We are going to stay with our favorite host Ladawn there, Can't wait!


Xterrafied said...


I lost your e-mail address, we just found your xterra swim suit. it was in doms car. I have no clue how it got there. He didnt even drive his car to richmond. He must have had it in his bag and then droped it in his car.

E-mail me @ and we can send it to you.



Brian and Jenny said...

thats so AWESOME!!!! do you know how psyched I am... and again have faith that xterra racers are not a swim suit stealing crew.!!! YEAH... Colorado is pretty sweet, but the east coast seems to be working for ya. thanks tyler.