Saturday, June 7, 2008

Its so hot out there it hurts!

Seth beats his bike into Submission. ( and avoids the $100 bike fee by flying w/ it in a duffel Bag: the architect has skills)

Weighing in at 70 kg is Seth the Silent Killer Wealing/ In the opposite corner at who knows what is Brian the Bulldog Smith. Man the boys have too much time on their hands! and too much quality motel TV. Wrestling. Who will be first American in the XT showdown tomorrow?
Not to be outdone. Will enjoys the sPECtacular scenery.

The trails in Oak mountain state park are awesome. Its very dry this year which makes them fast and bermy. I'm excited to ride after tomorrow's Xterra as there are heaps of other trails in the park that look great to explore.

Yesterday we rode again and then I ran with Kristi ... 5 hills in the last 4 km of the trail run. Big ones. My achilles did good... fantastic. My rib did okay but got real sore afterward. Its really not my style to be so falling apart at the seams but sometimes your just dealt those cards. Or my silly behavior deals them in my direction!

I think I'll survive though. ha ha! Plus this whole rib incident gives me a new level of respect for one

We have a degree of uncertainty over our plans next week as Brian's Visa to Brazil has still not showed. Our friend Jeff is manning out mailbox at home but really it needs to arrive today for Brian to get it in time to go to Brazil. Total bummer as we started the Visa application process over a month ago!

Up today is the Xterra University clinic bought to you: by Conrad Stoltz. Mel Mcquaid, Brian and I. B and I at the same clinic? Different ideas/ Good times. Should you be in Alabama. Come by its at 12.30.

BTW: I'm totally inspired by the Ladies in the Fort William World cup. Go Sue. Go Lea!



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