Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Complete Escape

Did you know that abc.com has direct streaming of 'your favorite shows' with a full screen option. Greys Anatomy... at will.
Total escapism.... So I'm off to Phoenix tomorrow and instead of packing ' you know important things like my bike and things I might need to race in ie: shorts and such'... I've been absorbed in George, Izzy and co... its the best and completely unproductive!

The weather here is really funky tonight with high winds and thunder, Max has been getting more and more neurotic about thunder. It makes him extremely anxious. ' Don't really know what to do, I've shut all the doors and curtains to create a 'safe place?' ... right now he's trying to stuff himself under the desk.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Yogi Tea quote of the day

Feel great, act great and approve of yourself.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Riding for Myself

For all the varied reasons I exersize the main one is to feel good. And occasionally it is the only reason.
Like many of us I am rather good at over committing myself and so after several days of working at the coffee shop I got to yesterday afternoon feeling really tired which turned into unbelievably grumpy, then stressed and... suddenly the dirty bikes, dirty clothes, dirty house, dogs, list of things yet to do became overwhelming. Plus I had a training ride w/ Lactate thresholds on my agenda.

So I got myself out the door... thinking that as long as I get away from home and stay away. Seriously as I rode I went from being I feel horrible, to my legs at least feel good to spin, then wow the sun is coming out, to Bambis singletrack absorption, to one pickup and smiling at Dave Mo out on his cross bike, to running into Ken and Sandi and a good mood.
Rolling home I put the dirty bike by the other dirty bike, my dirty clothes in the dirty washing basket.
Took my yoga mat and candles. A while later after Yoga, a shower with new 'Organic, vegan, wheat free, gluten free' green apple and ginger shampoo and conditioner ... (too funny... I thought about tasting it!) I did 45 minutes of taxes before meeting friends for Sushi at the wine bar.
My day was salvaged and was actually a really good one... Perspective!

The Lactates will be fine for today. Feeling up for it and lacing it with a trace of guilt... Ingredients for a good training session.

We are no longer the last people you know without cellphones. Of course we don't know how to use 'all the features' .... and as Alicia at Brians work said ' The razor is way too trendy for Brian' . But Brian has his on him as I write ...



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

B'mans cooking up a storm

I put away the last of the xmas decorations today. Wonder how that one slipped us by?? Seriously.... Well it is the first day of spring after all!

Our taxes are half way done. Its interesting to see exactly what we spend and on what. Perhaps a little horrifying in some instances too. We eat alot!

Tonight marked not only spring but the second group ride of the year too, and once again I had my limit handed to me on a plate as I proceeded to split, crack, implode and ride in by myself. One day....

Untill then.

Brian is cooking some Grouper and it smells phenominal.

Jen and B'man

The Easter Bunny

What is the connection between rabbits and Easter? Spring??
10.30 in the morning and I'm sitting down with a cup of green tea and a Cadbury double chocolate milk chocolate Bunny. Perhaps the green tea cancels out the chocolate? Its tax day ... and I need a motivating pre-reward...Wish me luck as I dive into a years worth of receipts.

Monday, March 19, 2007

extra special breakfast special

Alright.. so occasionally... Brian twists me around his little finger. In a few minutes I'm going to go and pick up a breakfast special sandwhich from the firebrand and deliver it as he has an inservice for the day.
as he said ... "I'm going to be building up your bike for you' so this is a wee way to make a payback. ' Its true... he will... most likely... be building up my bike'

Thanks to Becca, Ross and the crew for an amazing weekend in Grand Junction and Fruita. It was so much fun to ride. We rode the ribbon trail - it comes off of the Colorado national monument and was a blast. But more than the riding it was good to enjoy the company of people I really like.

The sambo is probably ready.

have a good week


Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's no place like home!

Rees and Belinda where the reason we went to NZ in the first place. Now Ree's and Belinda Buck.

Being home in Gunnison .. is great!
It took us a bit to find out feet again after the long travel. Jet lag and back to 7700 ft made for a few foggy headachey days.
My birthday fell on the 9th and I celebrated nicely with breakfast with Brian in the morning and finished off by meeting some friends for an art opening and some wine in the evening.
We have been relishing the fine early spring weather than Gunni has been throwing our way. Its unbeleivable blue skys and warm upper 50's/60 degrees. For March? Awesome! So we went skiing on Sunday toward the friends hut, and since then its been road bike season which has been a welcome stimulation, I hardly ever ride my road bike so it feels super light and smooth and enjoyable. Daylight savings started early this year and along with it we had our first group ride last night. My success and inflated ego at hanging with Brian and Sully the other day was put right back into perspective during group ride. Squashed on the downhill! Whew nothing like sprinting my heart out trying to hang on an elusive wheel down 9 mile hill. Na da... rode home alone. Oh well.. Its normal!

Here: with Bec at 3rd hut in Nelson. We miss morning espresso at Gavin and Bec's place and have been riding to Mochas to fill the void. Mochas has expanded and is awesome with tables, booths, couch armchairs and ambience.

This quote is poached straight from Becca Blay's website : Nina's QUOTE
and one to live by:
“don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. live the life that you want to have.”



Monday, March 5, 2007

Wild about Wellington

I'm sitting in the Wellington airpoint, looking out over Lyall bay with a surprisingly good cup of coffee, free internet and a very long day ahead. note to self, cheap tickets... come at a cost. Air NZ won't transfer my luggage to Air pacific so I have to see it again in Auckalnd and walk it across myself. How fun! to carry my bike a little further!

The karapoti was held on Saturday and it was a really fun event. It had a strong field of women which was great and the mass start in the river made it interesting! I was held up a bit behind a tangle of riders and bikes, but didn't really matter as staying upright and out of trouble in the early few miles where key. I won the race after passing Fionia about a 3rd of the way through. A nice bonus was to break Kathy Lynch's 13 year record too.

Theres a race report on the website www.karapoti.co.nz and this link in cycling news http://www.cyclingnews.com/mtb.php?id=mtb/2007/mar07/karapoti07

Meanwhile ..... Brian was 32nd in the world winter tri champs Flassin Italy. www.insidetri.com

Elite Men 1. POST, Arne (NOR) 1:38:05
2. BAUER, Sigi (AUT) 1:38:45
3. LEBRUN, Nicolas (FRA) 1:39:16
4. DOLEZAL, Tomas (CZE) 1:39:31
5. HOLME, Alf Roger (NOR) 1:40:16
6. WEISENHORN, Oswald (ITA) 1:40:19
7. PLANTIZER, Heinz (AUT) 1:41:15
8. RODERER, David (GER) 1:41:49
9. ZAK, Jiri (CZE) 1:41:58
10.GASPERI, Alessandro (ITA) 1:42:36
Americans- 27th Mike Kloser 1:49:32
28th Spencer Powlison 1:49:52
32nd Brian Smith 1:51:56
35th Nat Ross 1:54:21

Considering the henious travel he had prior to the event, it looks like he did well. NZ to denver to italy wasn't ideal preperation and 10 mins or so from the front is encouraging for next year! I haven't talked to him in over a week but all going well will see him in gunni later today.... (in 30 or so hours time!)

NZ has been great... and I'm really looking forward to going home too.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Quick update

It has been a great couple of weeks.
Brian left on monday to fly via Denver to I taly.
I got lost attempting to pre ride the karapoti course on tuesday... 6 hours later found my sorry way out of the forest. (2 bottles, 1 banana, no map, no friends, obvoiusly No clue either!) Tomorrows race of only 30 miles may seem shorter at least.
Otherwise things are fantastic, I won the national finals on sunday... Happy to be getting fitter and psyched to be pushed by Bob for a hard race.
I've been enjoying the last few days of NZ summer and looking forward to coming home on Tuesday.
Hope everyone is well!