Monday, March 5, 2007

Wild about Wellington

I'm sitting in the Wellington airpoint, looking out over Lyall bay with a surprisingly good cup of coffee, free internet and a very long day ahead. note to self, cheap tickets... come at a cost. Air NZ won't transfer my luggage to Air pacific so I have to see it again in Auckalnd and walk it across myself. How fun! to carry my bike a little further!

The karapoti was held on Saturday and it was a really fun event. It had a strong field of women which was great and the mass start in the river made it interesting! I was held up a bit behind a tangle of riders and bikes, but didn't really matter as staying upright and out of trouble in the early few miles where key. I won the race after passing Fionia about a 3rd of the way through. A nice bonus was to break Kathy Lynch's 13 year record too.

Theres a race report on the website and this link in cycling news

Meanwhile ..... Brian was 32nd in the world winter tri champs Flassin Italy.

Elite Men 1. POST, Arne (NOR) 1:38:05
2. BAUER, Sigi (AUT) 1:38:45
3. LEBRUN, Nicolas (FRA) 1:39:16
4. DOLEZAL, Tomas (CZE) 1:39:31
5. HOLME, Alf Roger (NOR) 1:40:16
6. WEISENHORN, Oswald (ITA) 1:40:19
7. PLANTIZER, Heinz (AUT) 1:41:15
8. RODERER, David (GER) 1:41:49
9. ZAK, Jiri (CZE) 1:41:58
10.GASPERI, Alessandro (ITA) 1:42:36
Americans- 27th Mike Kloser 1:49:32
28th Spencer Powlison 1:49:52
32nd Brian Smith 1:51:56
35th Nat Ross 1:54:21

Considering the henious travel he had prior to the event, it looks like he did well. NZ to denver to italy wasn't ideal preperation and 10 mins or so from the front is encouraging for next year! I haven't talked to him in over a week but all going well will see him in gunni later today.... (in 30 or so hours time!)

NZ has been great... and I'm really looking forward to going home too.


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