Sunday, March 25, 2007

Riding for Myself

For all the varied reasons I exersize the main one is to feel good. And occasionally it is the only reason.
Like many of us I am rather good at over committing myself and so after several days of working at the coffee shop I got to yesterday afternoon feeling really tired which turned into unbelievably grumpy, then stressed and... suddenly the dirty bikes, dirty clothes, dirty house, dogs, list of things yet to do became overwhelming. Plus I had a training ride w/ Lactate thresholds on my agenda.

So I got myself out the door... thinking that as long as I get away from home and stay away. Seriously as I rode I went from being I feel horrible, to my legs at least feel good to spin, then wow the sun is coming out, to Bambis singletrack absorption, to one pickup and smiling at Dave Mo out on his cross bike, to running into Ken and Sandi and a good mood.
Rolling home I put the dirty bike by the other dirty bike, my dirty clothes in the dirty washing basket.
Took my yoga mat and candles. A while later after Yoga, a shower with new 'Organic, vegan, wheat free, gluten free' green apple and ginger shampoo and conditioner ... (too funny... I thought about tasting it!) I did 45 minutes of taxes before meeting friends for Sushi at the wine bar.
My day was salvaged and was actually a really good one... Perspective!

The Lactates will be fine for today. Feeling up for it and lacing it with a trace of guilt... Ingredients for a good training session.

We are no longer the last people you know without cellphones. Of course we don't know how to use 'all the features' .... and as Alicia at Brians work said ' The razor is way too trendy for Brian' . But Brian has his on him as I write ...



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