Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's no place like home!

Rees and Belinda where the reason we went to NZ in the first place. Now Ree's and Belinda Buck.

Being home in Gunnison .. is great!
It took us a bit to find out feet again after the long travel. Jet lag and back to 7700 ft made for a few foggy headachey days.
My birthday fell on the 9th and I celebrated nicely with breakfast with Brian in the morning and finished off by meeting some friends for an art opening and some wine in the evening.
We have been relishing the fine early spring weather than Gunni has been throwing our way. Its unbeleivable blue skys and warm upper 50's/60 degrees. For March? Awesome! So we went skiing on Sunday toward the friends hut, and since then its been road bike season which has been a welcome stimulation, I hardly ever ride my road bike so it feels super light and smooth and enjoyable. Daylight savings started early this year and along with it we had our first group ride last night. My success and inflated ego at hanging with Brian and Sully the other day was put right back into perspective during group ride. Squashed on the downhill! Whew nothing like sprinting my heart out trying to hang on an elusive wheel down 9 mile hill. Na da... rode home alone. Oh well.. Its normal!

Here: with Bec at 3rd hut in Nelson. We miss morning espresso at Gavin and Bec's place and have been riding to Mochas to fill the void. Mochas has expanded and is awesome with tables, booths, couch armchairs and ambience.

This quote is poached straight from Becca Blay's website : Nina's QUOTE
and one to live by:
“don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. live the life that you want to have.”



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