Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Comfort Zone and racing

I left the Deer Valley National Mountain bike race weekend feeling a bit frustrated. Saturdays cross country was a style of racing I really enjoy. Altitude climbs and fast flowing descents.
I rode as hard as I could up the initial climb for the single track and got into it in about 7th place, the effort cost me severely though so I was sitting in about 11th doing the climbs tough and the descents patient for the next lap and a bit. Fortunately at about half way through the race I came around and got much stronger so moved myself up into 6th during the last lap.

My slow start in this race was a good sharp reminder about life in the Comfort Zone and the natural tendency to seek more of the same... the things we like to do.
Hindsight is so clarifying...shoulda/woulda/coulda!

Whats my lesson? Specificity.

The short track xc was frankly a disaster. My bike was taken out in the first corner by a rider right in front of me. Not too much of a big deal except when I went to get on my bike aagghh it wouldn't ride, chain was off, aagh, get off again put chain on, get going on steep loose first corner... and attempt to make up ground from vantage position of 30 feet off the back of the entire field. $25 dollars for 20 seconds of racing is quite an expensive fee!

I went for a run for a renewed perspective.

Meanwhile... back at home... Brian deserved mad props for his efforts to add Comfort to our lives. He purchased a new washing machine ( our old one broke last week) and took care of exchanging the machines. He also scored a brand new couch donated to Six points. For $100 we now have a huge, comfortable, new couch. Its so awesome! Max thinks so too!



Ken Bloomer said...

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