Sunday, July 6, 2008


My friend Tressa and Ray where camping in Crested Butte for the weekend so I drove up this morning for a Sunday run.
I met Tressa when I moved to Gunnison in 1999, Coach V set me up to run with her as she was passing through town during her 6 week out west trip at the time and he wanted her to run for us at Western that Fall. She did transferring from William and Mary in VA.
She lives in Boulder now, and her wild and wicked ways are tamed a little these days as she manages her running, her Chrons disease and her Academic prowess. Only a little though- she has already lived through a colon removal, is a massage therapist, Phd student, starting Acupuncture school in the fall and you know about to pace a friend for 12 hours in the hardrock one Hundred in a week or so. INSPIRED LIVING!

Tressa's new dog ( Aster her other one is 15 now and retired from running) Flicka ran circles around us and made Max seem a mellow old man. She came discounted from the pound ... $25 for all her energetic ways. A perfect match!

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