Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quality Sufferfest and recovery cooking

One of my goals lately has been to use up things we have. We came home from Breckenridge and unpacking the cooler to look in the fridge I see a packet of corn tortillas that definitely needed using.
The resulting enchilada lasagna: Buffalo/kidney bean/carrot/celery w: thai chilli sauce and lime juice. Layered with Corn/Greek yoghurt/ cherry tomato/ lime and cheese topping. Turned out great: Entirely from the depleted fridge/cupboard!

Wow... so the Breckenridge Firecracker 50 race was yesterday. Me? I am right now officially fried! Realising this somewhat before the event on Friday morning and confirming it about 5 mins up Boreas pass: It hit hard and went somewhat along the lines of: my legs feel flat, I feel really hot, man everyone is riding superfast today, is that a headwind. I need to change down a gear, oh oh 10800 feet of climbing to go? phew its going to be a long 5 hours!

But: you know what even an uncomfortable 5 hours on a bike is really still a pretty great situation. What else would you want to do? (Other than - Lie in the creek alongside the trail... it was making me salivate all that cool crisp sparkling running water...)

Congrats to a strong and deep women's field! Sari Chalk for ripping it, Gretchen Reeves too and Jennifer Gerbasch for a performance that's been building.

The men's race was crazy! crashes, mechanical, drama.... Brian was crashed out at 15 Min's but pulled off a lap getting into 4th - prior to flatting and being unable to re-air his tire.
More drama ensued and at the end of the day Jeremiah Bishop pulled through to a win... even he didn't know he had. Crazy!

Heres the Velonews report:

The Trek boys had a good day with JB 1/Kelly Magelky 5. Zack Vestal 1st in 30-34 again, Charlie Hayes in 2nd single speed... Caitlyn Tuel pulled an 8th in the women's - nice one -to round out my 4th.

I think at the end of my day - I got disqualified though as being a non American I apparently should have raced in the Maverick -field rather than in the Pro women's field.

Oh well.

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Ken Bloomer said...

Sounds like the F50 was a sufferfest looking at all of the results...ouch!

Sorry to do this to you, but,
TAG your it.