Tuesday, July 22, 2008

swim, road triathlon and Jamie.

Brian and I where aqua jogging a few laps after our swim today talking when we realised we both checked in on Jamie through her blog this morning. A weird coincidence. Let me tell you she is completely inspiring! From where I sit it seems like she is having an extremely traumatic time and her positive attitude is amazing. Again her blog is: http://www.jamiewhitmore.com/ .

The Boulder Peak tri on Sunday was challenging. Really fast swim, so I got dropped very early on (100m in!) and time trialed my way though the swim and the race. It was very stimulating and therefore a big learning curve. The bike was a bit out of context really, I wasn't fast in the time trial bars, and it felt very power based. ( made my legs hurt more than my lungs!) However swim and run practise and putting myself in an unfamiliar environment was worth it.

Boulder was sweet, felt like a vacation, other than it was too bloody hot! Great to see Tressa/Ray again, catch up with Nick and Tracy, eat good food with friends. Be Boulder weird with my compression socks, I commented eating lunch at Whole Foods how I knew I looked dorky in knee high socks and shorts, only to be told it was okay it is Boulder and then people watch all the others weirder than I.

Today a welcome twist... just when I feel super frustrated about banging my head against a brick wall SWIMMING ... I had a breakthrough session with the Tuesday lunch time crew in the pool. Swam two of my fastest 100's at the end of a big workout. YIPPEE YEEHAA there is hope! One of these days my swim will get better and show!


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