Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New training horizons, fancy bike parts and Downieville

First up: Now that I'm back into training I am so psyched and glad I took a break last week.
Bri and I had an invite to join the Stingrays Swim team for an open water jaunt across the Blue Mesa this morning. They started at Old Stevens on the North side and swam to the Iola Boat ramp on the South. Round trip was probably about a mile and a half.
I joined along with about 20 kids clad in swimming togs and goggles set to go. Older Siblings and parents bought along 3 different boats and life jackets.
I was the oldest swimmer by oh about 14 years or so... one of two in a wetsuit. ( Want to feel PRO?... swim ( or should I say be outswum) with a 10 year old 3x smaller than you in swimming togs). It was great.... Check out the girls in the front! Hard core!
Last week an email was forwarded my way inviting elite women to the upcoming (Sunday 20) Boulder Peak Triathlon. Currently the prize purse is equal with the men and is in jeopardy of changing without a good showing this year. Slight interest to Brian very quickly became a phone call to the organisers. My 4th place at Xterra Worlds qualified me into the Elite field and just like that I have a comped Entry.
Brian's enthusiasm is catchy. Two days later my road bike is kitted with extremely fancy wheels from Dan Crean ( thanks Dan... hope I prove worthy) and Aero bars from Sully.
Toys are stimulating I have to say and Aero bars are surprisingly okay... Haven't killed myself yet.
The Clincher about the event. Is the training/racing my weaknesses. A roadie triathlon Pro field swim is daunting and therefore will be very beneficial to me, and the run is 10km mostly on flat fast dirt around the Boulder Reservior... great for Leg speed and again amongst stellar competition.
'Never say Never ' I am about to try my first Road Tri!

Sue Haywood and Ross Schnell RIPPED it up out at the Downieville event last weekend. Their stories are Envy inspiring. What a cool event! Follow the links to http://www.susanhaywood.blogspot.com/ and http://trekmountain.typepad.com/king/

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