Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ladies clinic.. Rocked.

Stephanie,Dave, Susan and Leora and I.

Ladies Mountain Bike Technical Clinic
Wednesday, July 9, 2008 : 8:49 am
From: Mary B In channel: Health, Outdoors, Sports
A fun night was had by all with minimal injuries! Gunnison Valley women really know how to ride! After recruiting some unsuspecting women in the parking lot, one of them being former resident Shasta who just came in from Vancouver-we started with 23 women working on skills in the parking lot with a course set up by Jenny Smith.We split in to two groups, headed up the hill to stop and work on the top technical climb on Jack's. One group headed up Becks to Rocky Ridge and worked on uphills and downhills with Jenny Smith and Susan DeMattei. Many "first times" where made and I thank Leora for letting me wear her lovely fishnet and pink kneepads. They saved me twice. Pads are a good thing I discovered!The other group, headed to rattlesnake with Leora Wallace and Stephanie Hatalsky. They showed lines that I did not know existed in my 20 years of riding Hartmans. Colie Campbell Talbert startled me with an incredibly technical drop off a rock on rattlesnake. I had no idea she could do that, and in a skirt even! Leora and Stephanie expertly showed moves that many of the women tried and successfully did. In all, it was fantastic. How lucky we are to have these women- world class athletes, so willing to help out. It was especially great to see all the ladies from Crested Butte come down! Lets do something at the North end of the Valley next time? There will be a next time- we stayed late and did not get to work on all we wanted, so, plan for the Fall. Thanks to Dave Wiens, the pizza delivery boy, The Tuneup and Matt Burt for helping out. Happy Trails!

Heather on Rocky Ridge:
Leora and Steph

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