Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crested Butte XTERRA

Podium ( minus Spenser P... who was at the hospital getting stitches in his hand). Sara/Rebecca/Melanie/Shonny/ Me. Will/Spenser/ Cody ... wheres Cody?/Brandon/Brian)

When Melanie McQuaid and Shonny Vanlandingham along with other stellar Pro women sign up you are going to have a Race. Add that its our 'hometown' event and I was fully experiencing nerves going into Sunday mornings event. Truth be told the nerves started on Saturday.

The course was in EXCELLENT shape. The recent rain buffing out the trails "perfect' so I decided to run the Bontrager Jones XR 2.0 team tires - cause they are light and fast!
Off we went in the swim. Man... swimming at 9000ft is HARD. I had the usual anxiety attack around the first buoy. So unpleasant much like a asthma attack. But as always it didn't actually kill me... so I improved and came out 3rd Pro women in the swim... go me! I moved into 1st pro woman when I passed Melanie at the top of the strand hill climb, with Shonny visibly hot of my tail. I pushed the rest of the bike course hard. Entered the run in first and held on to Win... Right on. Shonny was 2nd not very far behind, and Melanie was 3rd. Local Cross country skiing Olympian and all round phenom Rebecca Dassault 4th and Sara Tarkington 5th.

Brian smoked the course, Okay swim, fast bike and stellar run and won too!!!! He was 2nd off the bike and punched the run to win comfortably. He'll have to tell you details... how it went... He and Parker are fishing in the Gunni river right now and Max and I are about to soak in the river.

B'man on Upper Upper pre- riding.


MRussell said...

Nice, congrats to both of you on your wins!!

Have a great day.

daradara said...

Nice work, to both of you! Great warmup for Ogden, time to pull out the double win there too.