Friday, May 30, 2008

why would you go anywhere else?

Gunnison has turned NICE. Yehaa, Yahoo! SPRING!

Last night we had race two in the Gunnison Growler series. Another awesome course set by Jeff Irwin. For those of you familiar with heartmans rocks area, we raced the first half of the 24 hours course ( up broken shovel) and then threw in Josh O's, Rattlesnake, and Becks. It was fun. I raced the new Bontrager team issue 2.0 XR tires (same ones Lea used to win Sea Otter STXC and we all raced in the past Norba). They are so fast its ridiculous. A little sketchy in corners which was evident as I wiped out right in front of Wick ( although it could also be called rider error) but worth it as the rolling speed is awesome! More good Pizza from Pizones, and More free beer from Dales Pale Ale!

If you are at a loose end next weekend (June 7/8) come to Gunnison for the Gunnison Growler race. With a predominantly single track course the event consists of two options, The half growler a 32 mile loop and the full Growler 64 miles: two loops. $25 dollar, with plenty of neutral feeding a bargain.. The lap took designer and race organiser Dave Weins 3 1/2 hours to pre ride, so it will be a fun day out!


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