Saturday, May 10, 2008

Opening day

Hartman's rock's recreation area opened today. yeah! Brian and I met Laura Anderson and Jeff Irwin at the top of Jacks trail for a ride. The mornings snow had made the trails tacky and pretty great. Even with the really cold wind, Jeff breaking a chain, and Brian flatting it was a very good start to our 'Official Gunnison Valley' MTB season.
Much afterward B and I went to the college to run. He is joining in a track meet tomorrow for some pre-Temecula leg speed, and I was testing out my achilles with my first post injury, post riding run.
I was very pleasantly surprised with the progress my tendon has made since the needle session on Wed. Thursday had me anxious as it was very sore and I was thinking oh boy... what have we done? But since it has really settled, fingers crossed. Moving forward.

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