Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Foot Down, Angel Fire and Pizza Outback

The boys on the Trek/ VW Colorado team introduced us to a new Game this weekend called Foot Down. It keeps Kelly and Josh entertained for hours. I think it is why they are such good technical climbers. We played yesterday on the Taos section of the Angel fire to Taos trail. In teams of two - Brian and I were Team Smith. Every time we dabbed it counted as one foot down and obviously the idea is to dab as little as possible. When I got to more than 10 foot downs - It was a bit sad. Brian I think was at about 7. Kelly and Josh won with a combined total of about 11.

The Angel Fire race this past weekend was hard. I'd say it was fun but I think it was too hard to be much fun. The descent was allot of fun however and very long. About 20 minutes worth of each lap. The women's field was very strong which is so good to see. With Kelli Emmett, Katie Compton, Gretchen Reeves and another 20 Colorado strong pros we knew it was going to be a fast race. I basically dangled a few seconds behind Katie for most of the race. I had a lucky break once when she dropped her chain but that's not how you win a race and she caught right back up. At the top of the last climb I was exiting the rock garden as she was dropping into the downhill about 5-7 seconds ahead. That was the last I saw of her. I descended well but not as well as Katie and at the end I was a minute 7 back in second.

The men's race was also heavily stacked. With 4 Trek/VW men as well as Jay Henry, Brian Fuentes and 40 other pros. Brian rode a smart race, hanging back a bit at the fast start and moving steadily up throughout the race to finish a very solid 4th behind, Jay, Ross and Brian F.

We ate much Pizza this past weekend. Taos has our favorite Pizza 'in the world'. Pizza Outback. With huge slices of quality combinations, ( Portabella, red onion and blue cheese for example)excellent Beer and a pesto garlic salad dressing to die for. We ate there on Friday night and again yesterday. We also ate free Pizza at our local race on Thursday night and for a serious lack of other options in Angel Fire ate Pizza there with the crew on Saturday night too. Seems to be agreeing with us?! Training and racing have been great.

Tonight... I'll go heavy on the Vege's all the same.


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