Thursday, May 8, 2008

This morning it rained.

So what you say. It very rarely rains in Gunnison and even more rarely in the morning. It was nice. It made you want to curl up, drink coffee and read a book.
That didn't happen as I had a 7.30 am client. I'm making up for it now at 2pm when I know I need to get to the pool.
I've had a sore achilles for a few months now, and am fully into rehab with it. Its being super stubborn but slowly getting there... so looking on the bright side I am moving in the right direction again.
To hurry it along. My PT needled it yesterday. It aggrivates the site and causes a healing response. It aggrivated the site alright. It was one of the more painful experiences I've had lately. Its super aggitated today. Although I beleive it is a normal part of the plan.
My achilles has seen me cancelling some early Xterra racing. I opted out of the Temecula championship event next weekend. The hilly nature of the run there is too risky for the progression I've made. Temecula is basically the hardest run on the circuit.
Brian is going and super excited. Kristi is keeping Brian company, they'll be fun travel companions. Kristi is going to fly the flag on my behalf. She'll surprise a few people there.
I'm going to race the MTB national in Santa Ynez. A rather nice plan B. I'm excited.
Right.. swimming.

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