Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Tour

Here's some pictures from the now annual Anthricite/West Elk New years day tour.

And thanks to Jarrall Ryter heres the Garming Info ( it is 2010 after all!)...

Skinning up.

West Elk Castles from Swampy Pass
Edge of Antricites from Swampy Pass.
Swampy Pass: Breakfast

Between Swampy and Beckwith Pass. Wilderness.

Climb up to Beckwith Pass

Beckwith LUNCH time. ( Bar's open Dave?)
Dave Mo. ( Ownder Rock and Roll sports in Gunnison/ Loving life)

I'm still smiling, coming off a Beckwith its already a good year!

Bottom of Beckwith, by Horse Ranch Park. Kebler.. pass.

B'man staying warm on top of Kebler..
What a great start to 2010.


mcszabo18 said...

Two blogs in two days? Slow down Jenny, you don't want to burn out on your Resolution.

SNRGY said...

I know, but you know what I am like! all or nothing.