Friday, January 22, 2010

Santiago Chile

MY flight from dallas fort worth to Santiago saw a delay and I missed my connection to Pucon today. This saw American Airlines pick up the delay and host me in the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Santiago overnight tonight.
Im excited, I definately feel travel weary and the opportunity to have a clean NICE hotel room and a wee overnight vacation is wonderful.
I really have no agenda today other than rest and recovery so I spent the afternoon looking around town. Brian would love it here, lots of outside cafes and beer. Heaps of beer. In big fat bottles , light ales style, its hot..
I love the arts and crafts, I looked and then bought some water, It was fun. bright culture, and laid back atmosphere., As much as I love Gunnison, and our life, I resonate when I am away from the US too. Its a neat world we live in.

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