Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh my aching calves

So I can race for 6 days in the Trans Andes MTB stage race not too much problemo. But the Alley Loop XC ski marathon kicked my behind!
As Brian's dad said when I crossed the line in 3 hours 20, You looked like a fresh athlete, not a great skier, but it didn't look that taxing for you. (Thanks Paul.. I think thats a compliment?)
Its the truth too. I am a very average skier. Oh well.

Brian is a very good skier. While I was slogging it out in the Alley loop, he was coming off the bike in 2nd place at the European Winter triathlon champs. A messy transistion and problem with the timing chip going down into his boot? saw him finish in 10th, still an amazing finish at a World cup. It looks exciting for World champs next weekend also in Norway.

I've been kinda MIA and busy so heres a link to Rebecca Rusch and my cycling news blog for the Trans Andes:

Next up I'll post some cool pictures. It was stunning in Chile.

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