Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brian is fast

We were up at 6.20 today... as the local mountain air marathon was happening and they also had a 10 miler road and 5 km trail run. Two weeks out from Tahoe. Perfect!
Brian ran the 10 miles and was 2nd in 56.20... He was second to Josh Eberly (53 mins) a stellar ex Western state and nowdays professional runner who is training for Twin cities marathon in 3 weeks. When you factor in the 5 minute altitude adjustment for Gunnison's rareified air it makes their times very respectable.
I ran the 5km trail race and won in 19.30. Sweet... I was psyched its been a long time since I've run under 20 mins for any 5km.

Now it feels weird as its one of those ... is only 3pm days and seems like it should be at least 6.

Bri is going paddling with Sully and I may or may not head to the pool.



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TimmyC said...

Hi guys, nice running. Sounds like your enjoying the Fisher, very cool. I'm looking at the 'hifi'.

Dan Dudley is getting married this weekend, sign of the apocalypse? She seems like a sweet girl which makes the situation all the more confusing. Tom Brown will be in town for the occasion.

Julie was nice enough to get me a set of clipless pedals(crank bros candy c) and shoes for my bday which have been a revelation but also frustrating. I love the power i get from the full cycle motion as well as the ability to make the bike 'light'. But I've also had a couple nasty wipeouts that had i been able to release in time would have been less traumatic. The crashes have made me tentative as a result my riding has taken a step back the past couple of weeks. I think in time I'll come around.

Fall is coming. The Northeast really shines this time of year. We've begun working on the nursery. Parenthood in '08, god help us.

Good luck in Tahoe!