Monday, September 10, 2007

Pedaling 9 to 5

What a way....
Steve and I got up at 5 yesterday to go out and cheer Jeff Irwin on in the Vapor 125 ride. While we where dragging ourselves with coffee into the car the riders had already logged a solid 5 hours out on the trails. We arrived at the Whitepine road in a chilly 36 degrees and ended up timing it so that as we pulled off our bikes the first rider was pedalling toward us. A quick bite of peanut toast and we jumped in with Jeff and eventual winner Ethan Passant to ride up the pass.
Does Jeff look like he'd rather be doing anything else. He finshed at 2.39 in the afternoon 14 hours and a half hours - in 3rd place.

Steve and I left Jeff at the top of Old Monarch to ride the Continental divide trail North and link it with Chalk Creek pass and hopefully make a loop back to White Pine.
When we dropped into the singletrack the sign showed hikers and horses allowed and Atv vechiles not. ( no mention of bikes?) add that we don't know anyone who had ridden this section and we did wonder a wee bit what the trail would bring.

Amazing views, 13000ft high climbing and quite a bit of hiking. After 7 hours or so we decided postride that it was an incredible one time ride!

Here Steve is framed by the 14000ft Taberauche peak,

One of the many lakes just below the divide.

I'd been attached to my bike a few moments earlier.

We turned back on the loop at 6 hours and dropped into Garfield, finished our ride by riding up back over Monarch. Good times!

Ride happy.

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ScottyD said...

Jeff Irwin that's a blast from the past. Still looks the same as he did 11 years ago. Tell him I said good job! Tell Brian I said Hi while your at it.

Scott Dunsmuir