Saturday, September 15, 2007


The other nght over dinner a friend of ours asked me 'do I have an addictive personality?' Inside I was so amused ( girlfriend you have no idea!) and flattered actually ( perhaps I am more relaxed these days?).
Well lets front up and right off the top of my head ... addictive behaviors of this week.
1. Coffee
2. Gummy worms and jelly beans ( flavor of long rides this week- untill I ate most of a four serving packet on the way to my thursday ride and had such a headache I decidedly vitoed that sugar habit).
3. Theres a reason why our house is usually sugar free even though I often open the fridge aimlessly looking for some!
4. The contenintal divide region of Gunnison- Thursday's ride was my 4th trip into the area this week.
5. Things that go around in circles.

Big circles.

I recently got an amazing fix by purchasing a new 2 wheeled toy - I'm the new proud owner of a 29er Single speed Gary fisher Rig.
Like any addict it was really easy to justify my habit:
1.. Tax deductible.
2. Training tool. Especially for those strength endurance seated climb intervals. Much more fun when you have no choice.
3. Brians Birthday white rim ride and the town race series next year.
4. Brian can ride it too.
5. I really wanted it.

It is 100% delivering. Such a great ride. I am enjoying everything about it. The feel of aluminum. The big wheels. The payback for effort. It can be hard work but it gives back what you put in. The color - its black.

For those of you who know us we have retired the converted 'blingle speed rigid 69er trek 9.8'. It was being very problematic of late as we couldn't get the chain tension to work correctly. We have the frame for sale.. so if you are interested let us know.

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