Thursday, April 24, 2008

celebrations and swim trunks

Today was a mini celebration for me as I completed a round of dental work. Two cavities and a crown. 5-6 hours in the chair, over 3 visits, at least 6 injections and quite a bit of money later. BUT and This is the celebration part I don't have to go back again until tooth cleaning time. I am so excited!
Celebrated by purchasing a Sonic care tooth brush, flouride toothpaste and more floss.

My dentist is in Montrose and I had taken down my 'new' swim bag of toys to swim afterward. Turned out I picked up Brian's swim bag, with Brian's 'budgie smuggler' speedo instead of my togs. He argues - this name- apparently they are not 'the budgie smuggler they are 'Boy shorts' . Whatever as I was wearing a sports bra I decided to use them. ...thank goodness noone knew me.

I did have a laugh getting dressed. It could have been worse. What if Brian had taken my swim bag to Montrose. He might not have gotten away with my speedo!


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